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Career Opportunities


True strategy designed to ensure the success of everyone who chooses to build a real career at TrilliumWest.

Everyone who chooses to work with TrilliumWest receives a partner in their own personal success. We don’t hire people because they need somewhere to work, we hire only the best who want to work somewhere special. All of our employees and independent contractors are properly compensated and always looked after. Your personal success, makes us successful as a company.

We have two different, yet equally important types of careers at TrilliumWest:

  • Professional support staff
  • Professional, fully licensed Realtors®


Our administration team is the backbone of our success as a company and innovative real estate brokerage. We require individuals with a certain skill-set that is very difficult to find, so we are always looking for the very best. If you think you have what it takes to work in an incredible office environment, surrounded by a dedicated team of sales representatives, brokers and staff we would love to hear form you.


  • Dedication | We need all of our staff to put their heart into their work
  • Personality | We are all in the service industry, we need individuals who love to serve our clients and the public as much as our sales representatives do
  • Teamwork | No one in real estate can achieve great results on their own. You need to work as an important part of a dedicated and productive team
  • Organization | Real estate is always a hectic environment, we need individuals who can appreciate and handle the needs of our sales representatives
  • Social Love | We never stop learning about the right ways to use social media, and as a member of our team you have to as well
  • A Willingness To Learn | Our industry changes daily, we need individuals who want to adapt and change with us
  • Professional Presentation | You can become the face of our business to the public. Our sales representatives present themselves appropriately, you should as well
  • Real Estate Comprehension | We work in an extremely particular portion of the business world, our staff need to understand what it takes from our sales representatives point of view to get their job done right
  • An Overall Willingness To Achieve More | If complacency is your plan, we are not the place for you. We need staff that are willing to go above and beyond for our sales professionals and the public to ensure their complete satisfaction



There is truly only one type of Realtor® that we want to work with us at TrilliumWest - sales professionals who love their job and put the needs of their clients at the very top of their priority list.

Realtors® fall into two categories; new and aspiring and those who are currently registrants under the Act. Under the right circumstances, we have plenty of interest in both types. Read below to see where you fit in with us, download the Supportive Brokerage Concept document and learn a little bit more about how we value, support and respect all of our Realtors®.

New or aspiring Sales Representatives

So you want to be in real estate? Are you sure you have all of the facts? This is certainly not a career for those who are not properly prepared for what lies ahead. Good thing you found us and are now considering a career at TrilliumWest.

Our goal as a company is to work only with driven, bright and ethical professionals. The Realtors® that work with us must drive their business from a position of integrity. We can teach you how to run the most professional and successful business possible, but we can’t teach you to be a good human being, that has to be there already.

We love the opportunity to work with those who are newer to the industry and take them down the right path from the start. We have designed training and mentorship programs to get you moving in the right direction from day one and support you every step of the way. We actually invest in your success.

DOWNLOAD The Supportive Brokerage Concept Document and find out why TrilliumWest is the best fit for the very best aspiring and new Realtors®. If you feel the fit is right, get in touch and we can arrange a time to have you into the office for a consultation.

Send us an email at [email protected]

Current registrants

We know the frustration that many Realtors® are feeling out there, we used to work somewhere else too. The main reason many of us moved our existing businesses to TrilliumWest was to find the support necessary to better serve our clients in today’s real estate landscape. The business of selling real estate has changed, many traditional brokerages have not changed their business model accordingly.

TrilliumWest was not created over night. We analyzed every facet of the brokerage business and found new ways to improve on a decaying model. The result is a professional real estate brokerage designed to meet the needs of the modern Realtor®. Supportive, professional and always available to listen to our sales representatives and find better ways to help them run their businesses.

DOWNLOAD The Supportive Brokerage Concept Document and find out why TrilliumWest provides what your current brokerage does not. If you feel the fit is right, get in touch and let’s open the discussion

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