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Selling Guide


Realtors® continuously educate themselves, tirelessly expand their marketing efforts and get up each and every day with one goal in mind - to put a buyer in the perfect home.

At TrilliumWest we take the responsibility of preparing, marketing and selling your home very seriously. We don’t place homes on the MLS® system to watch them sit. Through custom Internet exposure, social media and specialty websites, the goal is to create a connection between your home and a prospective buyer.

The connected TrilliumWest Realtor® has the ability to move you seamlessly through the home sale process. Contracts, clauses, conditions and closings - this is how we spend our days, nights and weekends. With our skill, knowledge and experience, we will protect your interests and provide you with the best possible advice in selling your home.

A full commitment to you, our client, is what keeps us loving our careers and continuing to help sellers in our community realize the best possible results.

A TrilliumWest Realtor® knows the city and the market, and is held to a high standard of professionalism by our Brokerage. It is our responsibility to protect, educate and ensure the selling process is a rewarding experience.

Why sell a home any other way?


The Current Market Analysis (CMA)

  • Study your home to gain detailed information regarding the finishes, location, size, amenities and particular features
  • Prepare our customized digital CMA to determine an accurate position within the market
  • Review the CMA data and advise you on the initial listing price for your home, the price range at which you can expect it to sell, and the required exposure time

Marketing Strategy & Document Review

  • Identify potential buyer groups and target them directly
  • Deploy a social media and web marketing campaign
  • Review with you and complete all required documentation, including:
  • the listing agreement
  • disclosure statements
  • marketing waivers
    -- financial aspects, including commission rates
    -- the agreement of purchase and sale
    -- the general offer and counter-offer process to be adopted
    -- waivers, notices & amendments

Going to Market

  • Familiarize you with the home showing process
  • Advise you on possibly staging your home
  • Provide professional photography to display with your listing
  • List your property on the MLS® system
  • Feature your property professionally on the TrilliumWest website
  • Install property signage and a lock box
  • Plan and conduct open houses for both the public and other agents
  • Follow up on showings to obtain feedback and to ensure your home is being marketed in the best possible manner
  • Update you on the activity and movement of comparable properties

Offers & Agreements

  • Present offers from prospective buyers and negotiate to obtain the best possible price, closing date and conditions of sale
  • Ensure the buyer’s deposit is held in trust with the listing brokerage or the seller’s solicitor
  • Investigate any issues arising and supply additional information if requested by the prospective buyer
  • Handle subsequent waivers and amendments to the agreement of purchase and sale, as required
  • Follow up on the status of conditions on the offer, and convey to you the notice of fulfillment of conditions when the buyer has lifted them
  • Store documentation securely and forward it to the lawyers or financial institutions engaged


Leading Up To Closing Day

  • Provide further information as required by the agreement
  • Schedule walk-throughs as per the agreement
  • Address all concerns prior to your visit at the lawyer’s offices to sign final documentation relating to the sale. Associated closing costs can include:
    -- lawyer’s fees
    -- land transfer tax (buyer pays)
    -- municipal tax and utility adjustments
    -- mortgage fees (if applicable)
    -- real estate commissions

Closing Day

  • Supply keys to the buyer once the lawyers have conveyed the title
  • Celebrate with you the completion of your sale!

After Closing

  • Retain digital records and copies of all documentation, accessible to all parties
  • Optionally, continue to correspond on market conditions

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