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Services for Builders


TrilliumWest provides a unique capability, as the local agency dedicated to developing and growing sales partnerships with builders.

TrilliumWest was founded by a group of highly trained and successful professionals with decades of new home sales and marketing experience. Our innovative team of new home sales specialists have assisted in creating strategies for low-rise communities, condominium projects, investment-based complexes, custom home construction and luxury high rise buildings.

Whether your group is looking for the best possible sales solution, or an entire sales and marketing strategy, we can help. TrilliumWest has established affiliations with creative agencies, design firms, decor centres and even property management firms to keep your project in-house and on-track.

We are viewed as an indispensable asset to our builders, not a mere sales entity. The intent is to create a valued relationship that does much more than solve a staffing problem. We become the face of your business on the street - a trusted team member to get your project the best promotion and highest prices possible, and to navigate the complex sales process with efficiency.

Simply put, by engaging in partnership with TrilliumWest, builders can transform what might have been viewed as a tedious sales expense into an asset that forms an integral part of the project, delivering the best possible sales results.


Project preparation

  • Assist you in acquiring the right land for your project, whether it is on or off MLS®, by drawing on our extensive real estate knowledge and experience
  • Advise you on planning and zoning requirements, or how to engage city council if required
  • Research the market thoroughly to determine the most suitable mix of housing types for your project
  • Develop general building specifications and siting plans
  • Engage the best and most creative design firms to establish plans, renderings, and marketing materials
  • Create a strong price-point strategy for your products


  • Assign top brokerage personnel to lead and support the launch
  • Implement and manage the social media strategy for the project, an increasingly important component of sales
  • Promote the project through TrilliumWest social channels including our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Houzz
  • Develop and implement a Realtor® co-op program

Active sales

  • Staff the sales centre with highly experienced, dedicated sales personnel
  • Host information events at local venues
  • Promote your project through TrilliumWest web channels
  • List your homes on the MLS® system
  • Update you on sales centre traffic and indicated buyer interest
  • Support sales transactions with our qualified brokerage administrators


True local experience

  • Decades of experience in new home marketing and sales, on the floor right here in Guelph
  • Continuous market research and data analysis on all local new construction projects
  • Strong insight into where the new housing market in Guelph is heading
  • Staff who work and live in Guelph, with firsthand experience with the communities, schools, and amenities that buyers will want to tap

Niche specialization

  • In-house sales representatives who specialize in particular areas, such as first-time buyers, family homes, seniors housing, investment properties, or luxury homes
  • Years of sales success targeting specific demographics
  • Dedicated websites like and to support particular niche markets

Social & marketing channels

  • ‘Liked’, ‘followed’, and ‘watched’ on a daily basis through our social media profiles, to promote your project
  • Extensive contact database of interested people, built up over the years, who receive via email our Monthly Market Review and our Quarterly Data Report, updating them on real estate activity in Guelph
  • Strong focus on customized web and print media to target potential buyers

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