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Services for Landlords and Tenants



Long gone are the days where a 4’ x 4’ sign was the principal marketing resource for leasing your commercial space. Today’s business owners - and prospective tenants are online and socially engaged.

ft2 by TrilliumWest has the expertise and initiative to take advantage of that fact. We just don’t pitch for your listing. Our encompassing marketing strategy goes well beyond that.

Here’s how we add value:


  • Knowing whom you compete with is crucial in shortening the leasing lifecycle. We continuously compile and analyse market data on past, current and upcoming vacancies.


  • Tenants evaluate multiple locations before settling on the best one for their business.

  • By providing a snapshot of the pro’s and cons of your competitors we can advise on your unique selling points from which a customized marketing strategy that promotes your property’s strengths is created.

Lead generation

  • We possess dedicated platform like for lead generation and to support particular markets. By doing so we are creating an extensive contact database of prospective tenants.

  • Simply put we attract tenants to us AND we go where they look for their next digs.


  • Our strength is a strong focus on everything that is web. We promote your space by leveraging social and marketing channels where we are ‘Liked’, ‘followed’, and ‘watched’ on a daily basis. The secret is in the sauce…

Small stuff

  • Yes, we sweat it! While a commercial space does not have to be “staged” to the extend of a residential home we are of the opinion that sometimes it is worth investing to attract desirable tenants.

  • Whenever we think that something needs to be re-think, re-fresh or updated we will work with you to increase the marketability of your space.

  • 0% vacancy rate is a common objective.

Other services offered by ft2

  • Promoting your listing on MLS® system
  • Promoting your vacancy on TrilliumWest and ft2 websites
  • Managing the visibility of your listing with third-party platforms
  • Professional photo shoot, drone and video services
  • Activity logs, regular updates and feedback after visits

THE ft2 ADVANTAGE: local presence and niche specialization



Looking for a new space to grow, un-grow or simply to get your business to the next level is an exciting time. And we passionately like to share this time with your organization.

Dreamers we may be but we like to think that we play a special role in building a strong and healthy community here in Guelph.

We call it an alliance because we consider ourselves your ally.

Here is why:

Filtering & site selection

  • First step is to comprehensively understand the whole gamut of your space requirements. When this step is done thoroughly, detours and wasted time will be eradicated from the process. This crucial step will funnel us in the right direction…

  • Which is hitting the road with an inventory of all possible options (which many of those will be off-market) that could potentially meet your long term requirements and review each of those alternatives with factors such as timing, economics, qualitative factors, feasibility, risk assessment (a favourite of ours), etc.

Making educated decisions

  • Your decision can only be as good as the information you have at that time.

  • The logic behind working with a local Tenant representative is that this person will fuel your decision-making process with new data, strategic information, resources, comparables and even stories to help you shape that decision.

  • And you know what the best part is: it’s free. Not kidding. We get paid when we have a deal. And Landlords pay the real estate commission.

Conflict-free representation

  • While we represent our clients zealously we also have strong relationships with the local landlords with an understanding of their business drivers, resulting in efficient negotiation strategies.

  • We pride ourselves on being “people friendly” and we believe that Landlord-Tenant relationship should be harmonious.


  • We have built a network of amazing professionals, from electrician, to HVAC specialists to business consultants, lenders and investors over the past years by developing and maintaining those relationships with respect being at the forefront of our values. We’d be happy to refer you to trustworthy professionals.