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Services for New Home Buyers


TRILLIUMWEST represents more builders & projects than any other brokerage in Guelph

It is easy to walk into a model home and become enamoured with the glitzy staging. Making a good first impression is the whole purpose of a model home, isn’t it? But we are here to take you past that first impression and focus on the broader details of a new home purchase. We educate our clients on current and future value, construction quality, neighbourhood features, closing costs, and even warranties.

When you become a client of TrilliumWest we work for you. You receive an industry professional whose obligation is to protect your interests and provide you the highest level of advice and service possible. That’s as it should be. And the best part is that sales representative services are at absolutely no cost to buyers.


We have inside information that you won't get just walking into a model home

We work hard to make sure we know exactly what the Guelph area new home landscape looks like. In fact, TrilliumWest has sales representatives who specialize in the world of new construction. From starter homes to custom estates, we have decades of invaluable, on-the-ground experience that we use to assist all of our clients looking to purchase a new home.


  • Know the best options that are available to you through a detailed study of new home projects, including those upcoming projects that have not reached the market just yet
  • Study and interpret builder contracts so that we can advise on any possible additional costs or levies
  • Educate themselves on what incentives, special promotions or price negotiations might be available to you
  • Know and understand your rights and obligations under Tarion, the new home owners warranty program in Ontario
  • Develop relationships with builders and their representatives to know exactly what is happening with each site
  • Research advanced market data and indicators using TrilliumWest’s own data collection and presentation resources
  • Share information on current and upcoming projects in our office
  • Learn from decades of combined industry experience right here in Guelph
  • Are supported by a brokerage who loves and lives the new home industry


We work for you to ensure the best possible new home purchase

When purchasing a new home from a builder you can certainly represent yourself if you choose. But the complexities of new home purchase agreements warrant having some knowledgeable support behind you. Enter the TrilliumWest Realtor®. When you work with our sales representatives you get the services of an entire brokerage working for you. Unlike more traditional brokerages that focus mostly on resale homes, TrilliumWest has extended its knowledge base into the new home construction domain, enabling us to provide an unparalleled level of knowledge and service to purchasers of new homes. Entering into a client arrangement ensures that we will be doing everything we can to represent your interests. Hundreds of previous new home clients have benefited from and returned to use our services in this capacity. And the best part? our services are entirely FREE OF CHARGE to you.

Our BUILDER PARTNERS hire us to work for them because we are experts in this segment of the market. Shouldn’t you hire us to work for you? And, as noted previously, our services come at no cost to buyers.

Contact us at [email protected] to organize a consultation and lets get you buying your new home the smart way.


Hundreds of new homes & condos in one easy to shop store. Yup, awesome

A new home buyers dream, a true one-stop shop for everything new construction in Guelph.

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