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Concept & Philosophy


"We wanted to create a company that not only embraced change in our industry, but was the leading edge of that change."

Although TrilliumWest was officially born in 2014 as a licensed real estate brokerage in Ontario, the concept had been incubating for some time. It is the result of a decade’s worth of experience, reasoned thought, and planning. Too often we had witnessed the seemingly care-free attitude towards the responsibilities of assisting clients through the complexities of a real estate transaction. Engaging the right people as our representatives seemed critically important to us. Equally often, we had wondered why the traditional brokerage-sales representative relationship wasn’t more of a partnership. We were not going to sit back and watch as the public began to lose patience with our industry. Change was imminent, and we were determined to be the face of that change.

The solution, as we saw it, was to start with the right professionals and design a brokerage partnership model that provides the work environment and tools to motivate them and maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. This is TrilliumWest.

The TrilliiumWest brand stands for much more than selling homes. It is built on a set of core values that are inarguable, and should never be compromised. A passion for our industry and a shared love of providing the best possible experiences for our clients pushed us to create a company that our sales representatives can be truly proud to work for, and our clients would respect and, indeed, could never imagine trading in real estate without.

Our sales representatives and support staff are with us because they want to do more. They are passionate about their careers and truly enjoy helping their clients realize their dreams. From buyers to sellers, from investors to builders, we have carefully crafted strategies and procedures to serve you, the client, in the very best way we can. We know you will love the experience of working with the dedicated professionals at TrilliumWest.


"A work environment that promotes the best possible results"

Our office is exactly what we wanted it to be: the perfect marriage between a high performance business machine and a motivational work of art. Before we began to seek out office space, a carefully detailed list of criteria was created. We needed a premium location to reduce travel times, an open-concept interior that promoted productivity, and a space that created an unforgettable feeling of something different. It took some time, but we found our perfect home at 292 Stone Road.

TrilliumWest is a company that sees things differently and we wanted our office space to reflect that mindset. The typical brokerage office concept is one of rambling space, filled with inefficient lighting, sterile decor, and just way too many closed doors. We wanted something open and airy and that would help promote a productive and positive atmosphere for our Realtors® and support staff. A happier and healthier work force inevitably results in happier and healthier clients.

In our office space, we promote the sharing of ideas through the reduction of closed spaces. Ideas and information flow freely as relationships strengthen throughout the company. Following the lead of innovative global corporations, we are able to support and work collaboratively to get the job done better for our clients.

The end result is happier, healthier and more productive Realtors. The end result for you, our client, is a job done right from start to finish.

We would love to take you for a tour and talk some real estate, so feel free to stop in for a coffee and a conversation in one of our many living rooms at 292 Stone Road. That's what they are there for.


"Leading the change of mind-set in our industry."

Real estate, as we know it, is a paper-based business. As an industry we are slowly making the transition to digital document preparation, transfer and record keeping. As this transformation progresses, TrilliumWest is committed to running the most environmentally friendly brokerage possible. Our sales representatives and support staff do their very best to minimize our company footprint. Our environmental philosophy and policy is to do what-we-can, where-we-can to make the smartest choices possible. Below are some examples of how we are attempting to minimize the impact of our real estate brokerage:

  • All of our in-house printed offers and transaction-based documentation is printed on Step-Forward™ wheat straw paper
  • Our colour feature sheets are printed on Step-Forward™ wheat straw professional-grade paper
  • Our office uses all LED low-voltage lighting, inside and out, reducing our energy consumption up to 85%
  • All of our business machines and office computers are Energy Star® compliant
  • Our to go coffee cups are 100% recyclable
  • All of our coffee is 100% fair-trade
  • We have our own indoor office gardens and planter boxes to help provide oxygen, reduce pollutants, increase productivity, and reduce sound
  • We clean our office space only with chemical-free Norwex® cleaning products and supplies
  • We run an efficient open-concept work environment, limiting the number of closed doors and reducing the strain on our HVAC system
  • Our office is completely controlled by a Nest thermostat, reducing our energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Our HVAC system is comprised of all high-efficiency mechanicals
  • Full digital archival system for our document storage
  • We ask the question: why use 10,000 square feet of office space when a well-designed footprint-reduced space does the job even better?

If you have more ideas of how we could do better, we would love to hear them. Email [email protected] or submit your ideas through our Facebook page.

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