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It's true - when you absolutely love your job, the results speak for themselves. Our group of Regional real estate professionals are truly in a class of their own and we want you to count on us. Know that we are here for support and advice each and every day, that's what a modern Realtor® should be.

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Alyssa Vasey

Alyssa Vasey REALTOR®

Shannon Powell

Shannon Powell REALTOR®

Nathalie Plouffe

Nathalie Plouffe REALTOR®

Alan Mason

Alan Mason Broker of Record

Sophia Polenek, P.Eng.

Sophia Polenek, P.Eng. REALTOR®

Heather Whyte

Heather Whyte Broker

Joe Polenek, P.Eng.

Joe Polenek, P.Eng. REALTOR®

Brendan Clark

Brendan Clark REALTOR®

Josh Friesen

Josh Friesen REALTOR®

Kasia Bosnjak

Kasia Bosnjak REALTOR®

Alexis Honey

Alexis Honey REALTOR®

Lesley Honey

Lesley Honey REALTOR®

Danny Khoury

Danny Khoury REALTOR®

Julie Halford

Julie Halford REALTOR®

Christine Brady

Christine Brady REALTOR®

Mike Ingram

Mike Ingram REALTOR®

Jeremiah Tamburrini

Jeremiah Tamburrini REALTOR®

Ian Kalau

Ian Kalau REALTOR®

Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett REALTOR®

Lindsey Glavaz

Lindsey Glavaz REALTOR®

Keshia Williams

Keshia Williams REALTOR®

Jacquie Bunker

Jacquie Bunker REALTOR®

Wes Cressman

Wes Cressman REALTOR®

Chris Wehrle

Chris Wehrle REALTOR®

Allison Bureau

Allison Bureau Broker

Curt Knight

Curt Knight Broker/Manager

Maris Feniak

Maris Feniak REALTOR®

Cory Scott

Cory Scott REALTOR®

Nick Pope

Nick Pope REALTOR®

Tony McNeil

Tony McNeil REALTOR®

Tara Stevens

Tara Stevens REALTOR®

Jonathan Melichercik

Jonathan Melichercik REALTOR®

Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor REALTOR®

Scott Robert

Scott Robert REALTOR®

Carolan Sorbara, CLHMS, MVA

Carolan Sorbara, CLHMS, MVA REALTOR®

Keri Brownrigg

Keri Brownrigg REALTOR®

Garret Mott

Garret Mott REALTOR®

Holly Guistini

Holly Guistini REALTOR®

Michelle Courchain

Michelle Courchain REALTOR®

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin Broker

Brian Safdari

Brian Safdari REALTOR®

Larissa Coulen

Larissa Coulen REALTOR®

Peter Vu


Chantel Williams

Chantel Williams REALTOR®

Matt Bowlby

Matt Bowlby REALTOR®

Kimberley McKee

Kimberley McKee Broker

Quentin Sill

Quentin Sill REALTOR®

John Bartlett

John Bartlett REALTOR®

Sarah Rubenstein

Sarah Rubenstein Broker

Paul Koebel

Paul Koebel REALTOR®

Tom Hillson

Tom Hillson REALTOR®

Erin Knight

Erin Knight Broker

Alexandra Bunker

Alexandra Bunker REALTOR®

Maria Prunean

Maria Prunean REALTOR®

Jason Van Amelsvoort

Jason Van Amelsvoort Broker

Constance Guglielmo

Constance Guglielmo REALTOR®

Michelle Hojan

Michelle Hojan Broker

Ruth Bowes

Ruth Bowes REALTOR®

Hannah Park

Hannah Park REALTOR®

Stephanie Furfaro

Stephanie Furfaro REALTOR®

Bogdan Giergiel

Bogdan Giergiel REALTOR®

Jack Miller

Jack Miller REALTOR®

Laine Greenidge

Laine Greenidge REALTOR®

Harry Kainth

Harry Kainth REALTOR®

Logan Daly-Doersam

Logan Daly-Doersam REALTOR®

Curtis Jankowski

Curtis Jankowski REALTOR®

Natassya Lu

Natassya Lu REALTOR®

Chenai Robson

Chenai Robson REALTOR®

Andrew Navarra

Andrew Navarra REALTOR®

Kelly Caldwell

Kelly Caldwell REALTOR®

Dan Fotopoulos

Dan Fotopoulos REALTOR®

Daniel Viner

Daniel Viner REALTOR®

Terri Lyn Finley

Terri Lyn Finley REALTOR®

Janice Marshall

Janice Marshall REALTOR®

Andrei Cosereanu

Andrei Cosereanu REALTOR®

Sara Languay

Sara Languay REALTOR®

Bob Bunker

Bob Bunker Broker

Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw Broker, BSc

Josh Weber

Josh Weber REALTOR®

Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen Broker

Tracey Morrow

Tracey Morrow REALTOR®

Emilia McCormack

Emilia McCormack REALTOR®

Alexandra Visosky

Alexandra Visosky REALTOR®

Jason Smith

Jason Smith REALTOR®

Jenni Elkhazin

Jenni Elkhazin REALTOR®

Tracey Blackwell

Tracey Blackwell REALTOR®

Kyle Woods

Kyle Woods REALTOR®

Trent Wayne

Trent Wayne REALTOR®

Amanda Lord

Amanda Lord REALTOR®

Shayan Yousaf

Shayan Yousaf REALTOR®

Wes Valeriote

Wes Valeriote REALTOR®

Toby Howell

Toby Howell REALTOR®

SĂ©bastien Turini

Sébastien Turini REALTOR®

Radu Ratiu

Radu Ratiu REALTOR®

Michelle Ivy

Michelle Ivy Broker

James Battistella

James Battistella REALTOR®

Jillian Eagle

Jillian Eagle REALTOR®

Ted Russell

Ted Russell Broker

Jeff Zhong

Jeff Zhong Broker

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers REALTOR®

Tom Bowes

Tom Bowes REALTOR®

Lyle McNair, P.Eng.

Lyle McNair, P.Eng. REALTOR®

Mike von Dehn

Mike von Dehn REALTOR®

Brandon Corman

Brandon Corman REALTOR®

Micky Shepherd

Micky Shepherd REALTOR®

Craig Miller

Craig Miller REALTOR®

Telly Topakas

Telly Topakas REALTOR®

Sophie Veilleux

Sophie Veilleux REALTOR®

Nicole Davidson

Nicole Davidson REALTOR®

Mai Phung

Mai Phung REALTOR®

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Kyle's knowledge of the area to be very valuable!

Karen & Gord

Logan made sure that all our worries and questions were addressed!

Marie Springfield

I highly recommend Ian's services to anyone thinking of buying or selling!

Garry McQuade

I would recommend Cory Scott to anyone looking for help!

Stephanie Van Ryswyk