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It's true - when you absolutely love your job, the results speak for themselves. Our group of Regional real estate professionals are truly in a class of their own and we want you to count on us. Know that we are here for support and advice each and every day, that's what a modern Realtor® should be.

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Holly Guistini

Holly Guistini Salesperson

Christine Larocque

Christine Larocque Salesperson

Andrea McCann

Andrea McCann Salesperson

Tony  McNeil

Tony McNeil Salesperson

Paul Koebel

Paul Koebel Salesperson

Chris Wehrle

Chris Wehrle Salesperson

Jeremiah Tamburrini

Jeremiah Tamburrini Salesperson

Janice Marshall

Janice Marshall Salesperson

Jason Smith

Jason Smith Salesperson

Allison Bureau

Allison Bureau Broker

Stephanie  Furfaro

Stephanie Furfaro Salesperson

Jenni Elkhazin

Jenni Elkhazin Salesperson

Tom Bowes

Tom Bowes Salesperson

Cory Scott

Cory Scott Salesperson

Nassir Azizeddin, B.Sc.Civil Eng.

Nassir Azizeddin, B.Sc.Civil Eng. Broker

Kendra McLean

Kendra McLean Salesperson

Harry Kainth

Harry Kainth Salesperson

Christie Brown

Christie Brown Salesperson

Carolan Sorbara, CLHMS, MVA

Carolan Sorbara, CLHMS, MVA Salesperson

Emilia McCormack

Emilia McCormack Salesperson

Ian Kalau

Ian Kalau Salesperson

Curt Knight

Curt Knight Broker/Manager

Lyle McNair, P.Eng.

Lyle McNair, P.Eng. Salesperson

Nick Pope

Nick Pope Salesperson

Telly  Topakas

Telly Topakas Salesperson

Christine Brady

Christine Brady Salesperson

Sophia Polenek, P.Eng.

Sophia Polenek, P.Eng. Salesperson

Chenai Robson

Chenai Robson Salesperson

Sandy Hare

Sandy Hare Salesperson

Amanda Lord

Amanda Lord Salesperson

Nathalie Plouffe

Nathalie Plouffe Salesperson

Garret Mott

Garret Mott Salesperson

Chantel Williams

Chantel Williams Salesperson

Natassya Lu

Natassya Lu Salesperson

Ruth Bowes

Ruth Bowes Salesperson

Alan Mason

Alan Mason Broker of Record

Tom Hillson

Tom Hillson Salesperson

Jon  Knight

Jon Knight Salesperson

Tracey Morrow

Tracey Morrow Salesperson

Joe Polenek, P.Eng.

Joe Polenek, P.Eng. Salesperson

Erin Knight

Erin Knight Broker

Quentin Sill

Quentin Sill Salesperson

Sophie Veilleux

Sophie Veilleux Salesperson

Kim King

Kim King Salesperson

Yancy Smallacombe

Yancy Smallacombe Salesperson

Brandon Leonard

Brandon Leonard Salesperson

Toby Howell

Toby Howell Salesperson

Brandon Corman

Brandon Corman Salesperson

Marie  McLaren

Marie McLaren Salesperson

Daniel Viner

Daniel Viner Salesperson

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers Salesperson

James Battistella

James Battistella Salesperson

Nikita Thorausch

Nikita Thorausch Salesperson

Julie Halford

Julie Halford Salesperson

Ted Russell

Ted Russell Salesperson

Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw Salesperson

Josh Friesen

Josh Friesen Salesperson

Sara Languay

Sara Languay Salesperson

Michelle Ivy

Michelle Ivy Broker

Jennifer  Lu

Jennifer Lu Salesperson

Heather Whyte

Heather Whyte Broker

Kelly Caldwell

Kelly Caldwell Salesperson

Emma Smith

Emma Smith Salesperson

Lisa Myra Smith

Lisa Myra Smith Salesperson

Sarah Rubenstein

Sarah Rubenstein Salesperson

Maciek Kielasinski

Maciek Kielasinski Salesperson

Terri Lyn Finley

Terri Lyn Finley Salesperson

Jonathan Melichercik

Jonathan Melichercik Salesperson

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker Salesperson

Jason Van Amelsvoort

Jason Van Amelsvoort Broker

Bob Bunker

Bob Bunker Salesperson

Kyle Woods

Kyle Woods Salesperson

Michelle Courchain

Michelle Courchain Salesperson

Nicole Davidson

Nicole Davidson Salesperson

Allison Chan

Allison Chan Salesperson

Kimberley McKee

Kimberley McKee Broker

Mike Ingram

Mike Ingram Salesperson

Mike von Dehn

Mike von Dehn Salesperson

Kasia  Bosnjak

Kasia Bosnjak Salesperson

Jacquie Bunker

Jacquie Bunker Salesperson

Scott Robert

Scott Robert Salesperson