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Holly Ferguson

Experience & Background

I was fortunate enough to start in this business as an assistant to two very successful Realtors® It gave me the opportunity to gain a lifetime of experience in a few short years, as well as two very valuable mentors. I have had the pleasure of dealing with investors, builders, developers, commercial and residential transactions. My favourite by far are the residential deals, with families and first time buyers.

Since college, where I studied Marketing, I have lived here in Guelph, and I love this city with its quirks and charm.

My Approach

I like to get to know clients on a personal level, to better understand their needs and wants and the nuances that make each family unique, and each situation so different. I treat clients, colleagues and associates with honesty and respect, and I value the trust my clients put in me. I value people's time, and know that my job is not to waste time looking at every new listing in the city, but to know the difference between a house, and the right house. I am naturally an optimistic and social person, and am grateful to have a career that not only suits me well, but is so fulfilling.



  • Fewer things can ruin an agents reputation faster than being dishonest. I want to be treated with integrity, and I treat people the same way, both professionally and personally. Trust is a very important aspect of this job, and one I hold in very high regard. Clients know that when I say "I'll look after it", whatever "it" may be ... it will be looked after, and done right, every time.


  • Whether we are out looking at the first house, or the fiftieth house, you're a first time buyer or a savvy investor, you will never feel rushed or pressured. I would rather wait and find the exact right home for my clients than have them buy something that's not just right for their family. I take the time to explain in plain language every detail of the mountain of paperwork involved in every deal. I know it's overwhelming for most people and that a move is a major decision, not something to be taken lightly.


  • Most of my clients have become friends, and there's a reason for that. I care. I care about the people I work with, their families and their futures. I care about this city, and I am proud to live and work here. I love my job, and some of the most rewarding times are seeing the look of relief on clients' faces when we finally get the right house, and when the kids are running around in an empty house arguing over who gets which bedroom. It's so rewarding knowing a family is happy, comfortable and making a smart financial decision for their future. Moving is one of the biggest stressors in our lives, I try to alleviate some of that stress and help in making your move as smooth and easy as possible.


Recent Articles Authored by Holly Ferguson

Real estate isn't a game to be played, it's a business, and should
be treated with professionalism and respect.

Current New Developments

Recent Sold Properties

4776 Nassagaweya-Puslinch Tnln Rd
Puslinch , Puslinch
0 beds | 0 baths | 3070 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
105-415 Grange Rd.
Grange Hill, East Guelph
1 bed | 1 bath | 682 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
74 Vanier Dr.
Municipal Park, South Guelph
6 beds | 3 baths | 1650 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
4798 Nassagaweya-Puslinch Tnln.
Puslinch , Puslinch
3 beds | 3 baths | 2500 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
62 Deerpath Dr
Imperial South, West Guelph
3 beds | 3 baths | 1552 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
56-35 Mountford Dr
Grange Hill, East Guelph
1 bed | 1 bath | 1000 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
60A Eastview Rd
Grange Hill, East Guelph
3 beds | 2 baths | 1704 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
61 Schiedel Dr
Guelph Lake, North Guelph
3 beds | 3 baths | 0 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
204-60 Lynnmore St.
Pine Ridge & Westminster, South Guelph
1 bed | 1 bath | 592 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD

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