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My Experience

From a young age, I have always had an interest in real estate. Growing up my family moved quite often, giving me my first look into what buying and selling a house is all about. As I grew older, I began helping my parents search for their new homes, and helped them find the homes they reside in now. It became a tradition to go out on Sunday’s and tour open houses. Those open house experiences helped me decide that I wanted to be a real estate agent.

While I’m not originally from the Kitchener area, my time studying at Wilfrid Laurier led to make it my home. I have met new family here and made great friends. During my time at Laurier, I knew this is where I would end up. Seeing all the great attractions to the city and the community it holds is why I love this area.

From my experience starting new in this city I hope that I can give you the same joy I have found here by finding you somewhere to call home.

My Approach

For me, dedication is key, which is why I will dedicate my time to working hard for you. That hard work entails being organized and keeping up on what is currently on the market. Being prepared allows me to effectively communicate to you the facts about what is going on in the market. While being prepared is great it is not everything, but it allows me to focus on making you comfortable while dealing with one of the largest purchases you will make.

My Difference


  • Communication is a major factor for me. It starts with me listening to your needs and wants so I can effectively deliver what you want. It also means I will be keeping you updated on everything as soon as I know about it. When you are informed and have someone who is listening to you, I feel it creates a trusting relationship.


  • With me, I prefer to be there for you long-term. You are making one of the largest purchases you will ever make and I feel that your agent should not just disappear after the deal is closed. My goal is to be there for you long-term not only with future real estate needs but also making sure you are getting the most out of your investment. I will be there if you need help finding someone to do some work on the house, anything from an exterminator to a contractor.

Making it Easy

  • Buying a home can be a stressful process and my goal is to make it the easiest thing possible. I will find you exactly what you are looking for in the most comfortable and convenient setting. If you are buying or selling, I will be there for you the entire time offering my service and advice. Ultimately the final decision is your choice I just want to make that decision as easy as possible on you.

Mathew Gast Realtor ®

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