My Experience

I’m grateful. I chose to join the military in high school to pursue a unique experience and positively represent all Canadians (I’m super proud to be Canadian). It was everything I hoped it would be. They first sent me to complete a 4-year degree in business administration before sending me around the world with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) as a Logistics Officer.

Travelling to the furthest reaches of Canadian soil to Tuktoyaktuk NWT via Griffon helicopter, to Kuwait on the Persian Gulf and completing logistics training in Bavarian Alps, I’ve gained such valuable perspective. At the height of my 10-year military career I led a team of 18 amazing individuals across three countries in Western Africa; not to discount several other incredible tasks and experiences leading dedicated women and men ‘across the pond’.

Through my career postings, I became interested in Real Estate, buying and improving homes to rent out as I moved. There is something completely satisfying about owning real property, your home is a practical physical building with real value that appreciates. This is now my life and I am wholeheartedly excited to embrace it.

My Approach

Real Relationships. I believe that the foundation of life and path to happiness is building real relationships. I specifically chose this career to help build relationships with my clients that will turn into friendships. My approach is long-term, and based on a lifetime.

More technically and practically speaking through beautiful listing presentations, helpful awareness via timely, thoughtful communications and a true honest motivation to represent my clients’ personal interests beyond all expectations.

My Difference

Through personal world travel, a degree in business and unique experiences in the Canadian military, it’s vitally important to have a grasp on the bigger picture and realize what’s important. Relationships > Transactions.

I love it... I’ve spent hundreds of hours doing market research for my own personal investments, and now as a licensed Realtor I have access to data like never before. It’s great to provide advice, though I believe it’s critically important to back up such advice with real-world numbers, trusted sources and the ability to create knowledge from information.

I aim to provide value regardless of whether or not you are currently my client. My email is at the bottom of this page for any questions at all, I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Logan Daly-Doersam REALTOR®

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Logan's professionalism, responsiveness, real estate expertise, and all-around friendliness made this process super easy

Farida M

I would recommend Logan and TrilliumWest to anytime.

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Logan is professional, courteous and a great negotiator.

Patti Carter

Logan went above and beyond working overtime to make sure to get the condo sold