My Experience

My passion for real estate started when I was 18, while working on bringing new student developments to life while pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Waterloo. From there, I worked my way up to manage high-rise student developments, concentrating my efforts in sales and marketing for the past 9 years. I knew I wanted to continue down the path of real estate, finding a place to live for clients at any stage of their life. I’ve valued every relationship I’ve made in the industry during my journey, and have learned that the relationship doesn’t end when the document is signed. Becoming a reliable source for knowledge and support for all of my clients has been one of the most rewarding perks of being in this industry.

My Approach

One thing I value most when working with clients is transparency, I believe that educating my clients on the decision they are about to make is vital. My job is to provide you with all of the information necessary to make one of the biggest and most exciting purchases in your life! I also believe in constant communication and consistent updates, this market moves fast and ensuring that my clients have up to date details is a high priority for me.

My Difference

My job is to take the stress out of the home buying process for my clients and to provide the best service possible. I operate with integrity and with a diligent work ethic to ensure that my client’s experience is positive throughout the entire process.

I encourage my clients to text/call me at any hour of the day. I strive for open, honest and consistent communication to make things happen.

I believe that a real estate transaction should occur when a client falls in love with a home. I don’t believe in pressure in the home buying process, I believe in providing guidance and knowledge so that a client walks away feeling that they made the best possible decision.

Keri Brownrigg REALTOR®

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Keri is highly professional and is a great businesswoman

KayLee Morissette

Keri was the most dedicated and responsive realtor I have had the pleasure of dealing with

Michael Cheng