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My Experience

Before the thought of a career in real estate ever crossed my mind, I was in high-performance sports. I fenced at two Olympic Games for Canada, and coached after retirement from competition, helping the next generation of young athletes make national teams and even realize their own dream of competing at the Olympic level. My experience as a coach taught me how unique everyone is, and I loved building trusting and supportive relationships with all of my athletes by truly listening to their individual motivations and needs.

During this time, I bought my first home which needed a full remodel from the roof to the unfinished basement. I learned how to transform and add real value to a home without overspending. While the home’s value increased, the property became a revenue stream as a rental, and I began to understand the power real estate had, as a tangible and enjoyable investment, to help families and individuals meet their financial goals.

As it became clear that the life of an itinerant fencing coach didn’t lend itself to building a family and having a stable home life, I stopped taking new students and spent my spare time working with a friend with decades of experience in landscape construction. He showed me how to create exteriors that make every passerby want to have a look inside. At the same time, I started scanning the market and found my next investment property, a century home needing a full remodel. It was such a thrill to see the potential in a property and plan for it’s transformation, and it was at that time that I realized a career in real estate had been staring me in the face for years; I loved doing research, strategizing, and working directly with people to help them realize their goals.

Now that I am starting my own family, I value more than ever the peace of mind and security that owning real estate can bring, and am so grateful for a career that gives me the opportunity to build trusting relationships while helping others do the same.

My Approach

You may find yourself buying or selling real estate for any number of reasons. Whether you are celebrating new beginnings, dealing with a difficult change, or growing an investment portfolio, my job is to find out what matters most to you during this important time and represent your interests without compromise using every resource available. Buying or selling real estate can be an emotionally charged event, and I’ll be the one in your corner keeping both your long-term and your immediate goals in mind, even if it means talking you out of a deal. It’s easy to fall in love with a property and overlook important details, or get impatient and settle for less. I’m here for you as a trusted professional to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your decision for years to come.

My Difference

Cool Under Pressure

  • I’m used to high-pressure situations from my days of competition and coaching, and I know the importance of keeping your cool especially when the stakes are high. Sometimes unexpected situations require clear thinking and creative solutions, and I’ll be the one to reassure you and find the answers you’re looking if difficulties arise.

Value Detective

  • Sometimes the perfect home is hiding behind a layer of old paint and a few worn finishes, and whether you’re buying or selling, I’ll help you find value that might otherwise go overlooked. My experience investing in and renovating properties has given me a keen eye for seeing where to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to bringing out a property’s full potential.

Josh McGuire Realtor ®

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