My Experience

Real Estate has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I remember scrolling through looking at listings and imagining what my dream home would look like one day. Watching my parents invest in real estate opened me up to the world of financial freedom through real estate investments. While in university I decided to take the required courses through OREA College to obtain my real estate license. This all culminated in me co-founding the Real Estate Club at Laurier. Well in school I worked as both an insurance broker and a sales consultant. These experiences still prove instrumental in my success to this day. When dealing with properties that are older I know exactly what questions insurance companies will ask and how to ensure my clients will be able to protect their largest asset. My sales consulting background taught me many tips and tricks that have helped me continuously negotiate great deals for my clients.

My Approach

My goal every time I work with my clients is to understand their objectives and to ensure that I do everything I can to help them achieve them. In my opinion, finding the right house goes beyond just layouts and styles but also where my clients want to be in 5 years, 10 years and beyond. I help my clients understand the financial implications of each transaction and use my experience in the industry to ensure that they are not just looking at what is right for them today but what is right for them down the road. I pride myself in being able to work around my client's schedules whether that means late nights, early mornings, or doing showings over FaceTime while my clients are halfway around the world. My business degree focused on marketing which has led me to come up with innovative ways to market properties to get top dollar for my clients (setting records in buildings and neighbourhoods along the way). This was also a huge influence as to why I joined the TrilliumWest team. I love the concept of being a marketing company that sells real estate.

My Difference

My promise to my clients is that regardless of if it comes to buying or selling, I will never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t do myself or recommend to a family member. I will communicate not only my recommendations but also why I am recommending them. I will work to understand what is important to you and what your goals are so that we can find the best situation for you together. At the end of the day, the final decision is with my clients and I will ensure that they have all of the information and expert advice to make the decision that is right for them.

Not only do I have a formal educational background in Marketing, but I also spend a few hours each day reading up on the latest and greatest tools for getting the top price for your home. I listen to podcasts from top agents and coaches across North America to improve my ability to get the highest price for your home. Selling a home goes so far beyond just staging it and holding offers to try to get people to compete. Houses that just streets apart or sold even weeks apart require vastly different marketing strategies. Every time I am getting ready to list a home I prepare a strategic marketing plan that includes both what I am going to do and what my clients can do to ensure they maximize the sale price and in turn put the most money possible into their pockets

Work Ethic
I strongly believe that there is no one in this industry that works harder than I do. When someone decides to put their trust in me, whether it be buying their first house or selling a home they have raised a family in, I do not take it for granted. My goal is always to prove to my clients that they have made the right decision hiring me and I will work all hours of the day to make this happen.

Brendan Clark REALTOR®

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