My Experience

“Everything happens for a reason.” It’s a line that we all have heard in our lives, and it couldn’t be more true. I’ve been blessed with many work and life experiences that have all led me to get to this incredible point in my career today. Whether it was the focus needed to complete many years of post-secondary education, the caring demeanor required to work in the field of health and wellness, the strategic thinking that came with working in sales and customer service industries, or the drive of a competitive volleyball athlete; these qualities all transferred over to the successful real estate career that I have been building since 2007.

Being a successful Realtor® can come with many awards, however it is the people, the experiences, and the trust of my clients that matters most to me. This approach is the reason for repeat business, and why clients confidently refer my services to their friends and family.

My Approach

I recognize that the first step to truly understanding the needs of my clients requires asking the right questions and actively listening to their answers. Every client is unique and requires a customized level of service. When my clients put their trust in me, I respect their needs and deliver services to exceed them.

My Difference

Ethical Practice
My clients value my ability to act in their best interest without compromising integrity. I can sleep well at night knowing that the way I practice real estate is ethical and respectful.

‘Ivy League Service’
Delivering excellence in real estate education and service.

The real estate market is fluid and always changing. I provide my clients with the education they need to make sound real estate decisions. The right decisions drive success. My Real Estate Investment Seminars were created with the intent to empower people with the most powerful asset in the world…knowledge! When clients have the power to make educated real estate decisions, their potential to create financial growth is endless.

Michelle Ivy Broker

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