My Experience

Since 2010 I have been assisting my clients with the acquisition and trade of real estate.

My career began in the late 90's, where, after graduating with a diploma in Business Marketing I went on to spend more than a decade in the mortgage financing and insurance industry. I was young, eager and looking to grow my net worth. It was during this time I was also fortunate to be surrounded by a few very bright and successful businessmen who advised me to own as much real estate as I can and never sell it unless I have to. I knew then and there that I wanted to be involved in the acquisition and trade of real estate.

My time spent in the mortgage financing and insurance industry would lend itself perfectly for me to enter into a career in real estate. The knowledge derived from these careers have proven invaluable and critical to assisting my clients in their real estate trades and acquisitions, while also giving them a sense of confidence and comfort that they are being represented by someone educated in all facets of the real estate industry.

My Approach

As in any industry, it is important to be knowledgeable about the product or service being provided. It is also, if not more imperative, to understand your client's needs, wants and desires. Knowing this, and understanding the financial commitment my clients are entrusting me to assist them with, I make a conscious effort that no detail, no matter how big or small, goes unnoticed. This is how I run my business on a daily basis.

My Difference

Regardless of who you are, I believe everyone has the right to be heard. It is then, and only then, that one can truly understand what is expected and what to expect.

Coming from a background in the insurance and financial industry coupled with an understanding of past, current and future market trends give my clients a sense of calm and comfort when it comes to their real estate concerns.

I have always been a driven person with a natural desire to succeed. I tend to channel this energy onto my clients. If they succeed, then I succeed.

Tom Hillson REALTOR®

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