My Experience

My whole career path has been in the service of others. From a young age, I worked for my mother at her restaurant & I continued to carry the family torch into adulthood, working every position in different restaurants. The service industry allowed me to acquire sharp observation skills and gave me the confidence to become the entrepreneur that I am today. First, I started my own cleaning company, building it from the ground up while continuing to follow my dreams. My natural curiosity about real estate started at a young age & the fire was fanned while building my cleaning company. I then quickly realized that a career in real estate was naturally where my life was heading. My only regret is not realizing it sooner! I love my job, I love my hometown Guelph & I love applying my skills & smarts to this business to serve my clients in the best way - every day.

My Approach

I approach everything in life with optimism, enthusiasm & integrity - and I always bring that to the table to work for my clients’ benefit. Patience is key in a real estate transaction, taking a second to pause and consider all the factors is imperative. Whether selling your home or buying a new one, the variables are constantly moving, and it’s my job to apply my experience to help you put the transaction into perspective & put your best foot forward.

My Difference

Community Spirit

  • I love The Royal City! I am a born & raised Guelphite. I believe that the best part of this city is its spirit. I know the ins and outs intimately; I can help not only in finding a home but connecting you with the rich community. This helps with selling your home too - I target the market & the community that would be looking for your home to get the maximum result.

Fresh experience & continued education

  • I don't fit the mold; it’s never been my thing. While I know how to get the job done, I am open to new ideas and opportunities that can better my client's place in the market. I am always looking to challenge myself in my career. I continue to enrol in courses, learn from other agents & from my clients’ own experiences.

Enjoy the process

  • Real estate transactions are stressful. The bottom line is that we don’t have to live there - my job is to educate and elevate the process for you; being prepared, so that at the moment we can trust the process, all with some fun along the way.

Sandy Hare Salesperson

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