My Experience

I’ve called Wellington County home for over 15 years… from country living in Eramosa , a ‘southy’ near our university.. (before there was a ‘way’ southy) to now residing in the downtown area. I know Guelph and all of its little pockets, and there are a lot of them. Our pockets have pockets. I’ve most likely been up and down every street in Guelph while running my own business in the home renovation industry for over 10 years. I built that business on hard work, trust and an attention to detail…. I now bring that everyday as a REALTOR®. I know houses, I love houses. Half of my business was getting homes ready for market to maximize the investment on a variety of budgets.

Instinctively I don’t like being ‘sold’ on anything. It bothers me the amount of useless junk we are bombarded with on a daily basis - I can’t stand commercials, I have trouble at the drive thru… No I don’t need a donut with that… but I will take one, sour cream glazed thanks. So when I was approached about becoming a REALTOR® I wasn’t sure it would be for me, the suits, the SUV- I kept my truck, and own a suit now, but prefer boardies and flip flops- but I knew I loved houses, buying, selling, fixing them up for myself and my clients and it's actually been an easy transition that’s brought a new spark into my life and lit a fire of motivation and dedication. I’ve bought and sold for years prior to becoming a REALTOR®.. fixer uppers, rental properties sometimes with and sometimes without a REALTOR®. I’ve learned what I like, what I don’t like, what works and what doesn’t. I've also learned that in today’s market you need an inside guy that actually is looking out for your best interests. Through these experiences my new career was being waved in front of my face and I knew the REALTOR® I wanted to become.

I love calling Guelph and Wellington county area home, it really only needs an ocean… and I’m working on that. If you're leaving, let's use the strategies that will get you top dollar- but know that most likely, you’ll be back. If you are joining us or just moving around, you’ll learn it has a great heart with a community that’s full of surprises… the music, food, Hillside festival! Together we can find the perfect fit so you can enjoy it all and I will take the time and care needed to make it happen.

My Approach

I’m a story guy. I want to hear yours first and find the house that fits your story. The process is not complicated and should be fun if you have the right knowledge and preparation. I’ll keep you informed, prepared and relaxed along the journey. Tell me the goal and I’ll help you reach it.

Bottom line is you are at the controls here, I’m riding shotgun feeding you every bit of relevant information you need to get you to your destination. Ultimately, every decision is made by you.

My Difference

I believe that you should be able to seal a deal by looking someone in the eye and a handshake… but I’m glad there’s paperwork.

I have a large network of local trusted trades that are available to answer any of our questions that may come up along the way. If we need to deal with anything before, during, or after we have the right people in our corner.

Straightforward approach
I like to have fun while I work, but I’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you may want to hear. Actions speak louder than words, so enough talk, let's get started.

Cory Scott REALTOR®

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Cory Scott assisted us in finding the perfect family home

Allison Simmons

Cory came to our first meeting prepared, and had a MODERN plan!

Colin Siren

Cory's support was amazing!

Isabella Barretto

They do their due diligence and always give us sound advice when it comes to the different homes we viewed. They made the whole process very smooth and easy.

Grace Thao