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My Experience

Guelph is more than just home, Guelph is me. My family has a long history of trades, from plumbers to barbers, and even a great uncle who painted the reformatory when it was built- he travelled by bicycle, carrying his tools of the trade balanced on his ladder. So, I guess that you could say that Guelph is in my blood. I love everything about Guelph and chose to raise my family here as well. I love this city and welcome the chance to talk to anyone about why it is a great idea to move to Guelph. While becoming a Realtor® was not a straight path, buying and selling real estate has been something that I was doing long before making it a career. But the passion for real estate started with our first flip years ago...

Being somewhat of a chronic renovator (with my husband) over the past 15 years has given me an appreciation for older homes. It also taught our daughter what a square, and various other tools are. There isn’t too much that I have not seen. The knowledge that I have accumulated over the years puts me in a position to help others with the same goals. I absolutely adore the old neighbourhoods. It is more than the tree lined streets, and fantastic front porches. It is the architecture and history that lives there. Whether it is Downtown, Exhibition Park, St. George’s Park, Sunny Acres or Riverside Park, and The Ward- these neighbourhoods have stories to tell!

I have years of experience in investment properties as well. Building a nice portfolio of properties over the years has given me insight to the investment market in Guelph. This city has plenty of opportunities for people to invest, you just have to know where to look- I can definitely help you there.

Whether it is a house to call home, or an investment property for your future, you can never go wrong with real estate.

My Approach

My main intention is to understand a client’s needs. Being assertive, as well as being compassionate, always friendly with a dash of humour makes me an effective advocate for my clients. Understanding their needs, putting them in the driver’s seat, while I guide and educate. Delivering all you deserve and more than you expect, helps me build relationships that last the course of time. I do not consider myself a ‘salesperson’, but more of a real estate matchmaker.

My Difference


  • Navigating the world of real estate can be complex and stressful. Being generous in the information that I offer- whether it be good or bad, you have a right to know. I like people to know this process is about them, not me- always. A well-informed client will make decisions that they will be confident in.

Love Local

  • Great cities are built with great communities. And a great community is one that its’ people support one and another. I love a bargain, I really do...but what I love more is keeping things local- that is an even bigger thrill!


  • Selling real estate is a serious business- biggest purchase that most people will make. While helping people through the process, I like to keep it fun- but always totally professional. With all of the different personalities out there, we all want to work with people that share our values - after all, like begets like. I found that by staying true to myself, I attract people that want to work with me. And this has brought me great success, both personally and professionally.

Yancy Smallacombe Realtor ®

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