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Kimberley McKee

Experience & Background

I have spent the past 18+ years dedicated to moving people from one home to another.

Starting my career in new construction in the 1990s after obtaining my BA, I quickly felt the need to expand my education and worked towards my real estate license. After this achievement I became involved in a resale brokerage and voila! ... the second phase to my real estate career was born. I quickly realizing that selling new construction as well as resale homes made me a better informed real estate professional, adding increased value to my clients. This formula has proven to be incredibly successful throughout my career, allowing me to better educate my clients in their home buying and selling endeavours.

Wishing to expand my knowledge base again, I earned my Brokers' designation. Soon after that I was offered a position at TrilliumWest Real Estate Brokerage. This dynamic and insightful new brokerage shares the same philosophies that I do...honesty, integrity and hard work. That, plus they have great coffee!

My Approach

My approach to real estate is very straight forward ... be honest, educate and work hard for your clients.

Honesty is key in any business. Open communication is a necessity for a successful relationship and this applies to the client-Realtor® relationship as well.

Education is paramount. Educating myself to ensure I have up to date information to help clients make the best informed decisions possible. Educating my clients regarding the market, value of homes and what costs, options and network of professionals will best get them to their desired goal.

Hard work. This speaks for itself ... I work hard every day to make sure my clients get what they need, when they need it. It's that simple.


New Construction

  • Having been in the new construction arena of real estate as well as resale for my entire career, this gives me a more global picture of the real estate market as a whole.

Family Matters

  • Being a working mother with 2 amazing kids, I totally get that your time is valuable. Efficient with great time management skills, I ensure that the time I spend with clients has a purpose allowing everyone to be more productive and get back to what really matters ... family.


  • I believe that in order to fulfill my role as a real estate professional, I need to be a leader. I lead my clients through education, using past practical experience and demonstrating practiced systems to obtain the best possible property or sale for the best possible terms.


Recent Articles Authored by Kimberley McKee

Real Estate is a profession. Clients deserve honesty, integrity, education,
ethics and the best representation obtainable.

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Recent Sold Properties

4474 Nassagaweya
Puslinch , Puslinch
4 beds | 4 baths | 3400 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
49 Waxwing Cres
Kortright Hills, South Guelph
3 beds | 3 baths | 1295 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
4477 Sideroad 10 North Rd
Puslinch , Puslinch
5 beds | 4 baths | 1843 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
448 Starwood Dr.
Grange Hill, East Guelph
4 beds | 4 baths | 1734 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
4776 Nassagaweya-Puslinch Tnln Rd
Puslinch , Puslinch
0 beds | 0 baths | 3070 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
446 Starwood Dr.
Grange Hill, East Guelph
3 beds | 4 baths | 1735 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
11 Reid Crt
Puslinch , Puslinch
4 beds | 4 baths | 4072 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
41 Creighton Ave
Grange Hill, East Guelph
4 beds | 4 baths | 3001 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
217 Couling Cres.
Grange Hill, East Guelph
3 beds | 3 baths | 2357 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD

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