My Experience

Although I grew up in a wartime bungalow in Oakville, I spent every summer in a northern Ontario shack without plumbing… by choice. This dichotomy provided me with an open mind, a deep appreciation for nature (and real estate) and the ability to see the positive in everything. Tirelessly optimistic and always thinking outside the box, I bring with me a fresh perspective, creative solutions and an adoration of Guelph.

I chose to attend the University of Guelph on a gut feeling without visiting the campus. Fortunately, my gut was correct and this resulted in countless friendships, an honours degree in Biological Science with a minor in Microbiology - and a successful 7-year career in the sciences. After my first year of university, I chose to make Guelph my permanent home - to leave the flash of Oakville for a true community experience. Renting for years in Guelph gave me the good fortune of living in 5 different Guelph neighborhoods and navigating them all via public transit. My love of nature enabled me to explore each and every green space in every neighbourhood. I’m happy to share with you the best walking/cycling trails and relaxing places to enjoy a book.

One of the things I really love about Guelph, (aside from the greenspaces, walking trails, rivers, campus) is the success enjoyed by hardworking business owners. Living in Guelph for almost 15 years, it is thrilling to watch your favourite businesses grow and thrive over time and ultimately give back to the community. Many Guelph businesses have their owners working behind the cash, running the classes, providing the services. Coming from the ‘big box’ life of Oakville it is amazing how positivity and community involvement can influence those around you and consistently make Guelph one of the best places to live year after year. As a business owner myself, I too have enjoyed the success many Guelph small businesses do. In 2018 I achieved my long-term goal of becoming a homeowner and starting a family in this beautiful town I call home. If homeownership is a goal for you this year, I would be thrilled to help you achieve it.

My Approach

With extensive experience in research, report writing and statistical analysis, I am able to truly assess neighbourhood data and provide clients with succinct, useful statistically significant data to help you understand what’s happening in the market in real-time. Today’s home buyers and sellers are educated. Let my data speak for itself and assure you that listing your home with me is the gimmick-free, fact-based solution to an unpredictable market. I chose a degree in science because I wanted a challenge. That desire for hard results has followed me to real estate. I am dedicated to working HARD for my clients and will prove this to you time and time again.

Flexibility and Adaptability
That town and country dual life, paired with a Regional Arts high school diploma majoring in Drama, helps me fit into all kinds of situations with people from all walks of life. I can find common ground with just about anybody, which helps me to diffuse intense situations and tactfully re-direct focus to the big picture. I am organized and attentive with a razor-sharp attention to detail. I truly enjoy being one step ahead. Being thoroughly prepared helps satisfy my drive to be your favourite REALTOR® experience.

My goal is to get to know you as a client so I can best understand your needs. That’s why I call myself your friend in real estate. All clients are treated with the dignity, respect, and attentiveness of a true friend. With almost 5 years under my belt as an agent, I am bound and determined to be the best REALTOR® experience you’ve had. My personal drive to find the perfect pairing of home and buyer is what drove me to real estate. I truly believe your perfect home in your budget is out there, and I intend to help you find it. I also seek to change the cultural stigma around REALTOR®, which is why choosing TW was a no-brainer. The #TWDifference is readily apparent from the moment you step in the door. TW is driven by ethics, morals, and a sincere respect for our legal obligations to our clients. In an unpredictable market where it seems like ‘anything goes’, we REALTOR® at TW hold ourselves to an even higher standard.

My Difference

Science & Clients
A science-minded academic with experience in research, statistical analyses and the ability to present useful information clearly and concisely. Paired with years of client service (including the tactfulness, diplomacy, and quick-thinking that comes with it) these traits enable me to be the best of both worlds.

Creative Flair
As a creative-minded person (which I credit to summers in the woods without TV) I am always seeking out unique solutions. I dabble in all forms of art from sculpting to painting, music to sketching and photography. Seeing the beauty in everything comes naturally to me - this gives me an excellent eye for staging and putting your home’s best foot forward.

Ethical & Moral Sincerity
Coming from a background in quality assurance, I take my legal duties to my clients with deep sincerity and reverence. I will never cut corners, gloss over pertinent details or fail to abide by my code of conduct. You will always receive honesty and straight facts from me. As my client, nothing is more important to me than your satisfaction.

Sara Languay REALTOR®

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