My Experience

My real estate story started at the age of 19 when I purchased my first house, but the groundwork was laid more than a decade before as I watched my parents build their dream home on a beautiful country property on the escarpment. I was just seven years old, surrounded by framers, electricians and plumbers, watching as blueprints were reviewed and discussed, and learning to read drafting symbols and layouts. Other kids were playing in the dirt piles, but I was reading Architectural Digest in my tree fort and planning the home of my dreams.

That kind of focus has served me well in the real estate business as I am passionate about making sure every single detail is covered for my clients when it comes to buying or selling a home. This is one of the biggest investments anyone can make and my job is to support my clients so that they reach their goals, whether that’s buying a family home, purchasing an investment property or navigating through a challenging transition.

I’ve been a licensed and full-time Realtor® in Guelph since 2001.

My Approach

I want you so happy about your experience that when someone mentions real estate, you are excited and comfortable sharing my name and your experience. My reputation is my business. Paying attention to the details, providing authentic customer service/satisfaction can only be achieved when my clients feel comfortable, prepared and supported in making decisions. Confidentiality is very important in earning your trust. Creative problem solving and patience are the foundations in achieving your goals and celebrating success.

My Difference


  • Before the age of 30, I’d purchased and flipped seven houses, so I know what’s involved in not only buying and selling a piece of property but renovating it as well. I am a landlord, an investor and love decorating. Let me help get you where you want to go. With over 16 years selling real estate, I’ve got a wealth of experience and a passion for real estate that just keeps burning.


  • My colleagues and clients know me as respectful and supportive, with a positive attitude and a great sense of humour. One of my clients described me as having a “charming and easygoing personality.” It’s a beautiful thing when clients feel confident referring me to family and friends or come back to work with me again and again. Their investment is in my hands – they deserve someone they can trust.


  • Guelph has been my home since 1991. Growing up just south of the city in rural Campbellville, I always wanted to move to Guelph (my husband's hometown) to raise our family. Having lived in West Guelph, rural Guelph/Eramosa and presently Northern Heights near Guelph Lake, I really enjoy living here. With its open, embracing attitude and beautiful culture, Guelph is a place I am proud to call home. Having sat as a director for our real estate board, volunteering on many committees during my career thus far and presently enjoying the opportunity to serve on the Trees For Tots Committee for the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington County, I am appreciating the opportunity of giving back to my community and helping it be the great city that it is. I am a proud Guelphite and enjoy selling this city to anyone I speak with.

Kim King Salesperson

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