My Experience

  • My work experience in on-campus housing at the University of Waterloo is where I learned the impact that a safe and comfortable home has on all aspects of a person’s life. This experience taught me to value the community, culture, and amenities that influence lifestyle just as much as the physical dwelling.

  • My volunteer work with various committees on the Kitchener Waterloo Association of Realtors (KWAR) keeps me on the frontline of current trends in the region and upcoming changes to the industry.

  • All of the above experiences have informed my decision to create a career for myself where I can effectively support people, educate them in the decision-making process, and guide them throughout the transitions in their life.

My Approach

  • I care about creating honest relationships with my clients. You will always get my authentic and professional opinion when guiding you through your purchase or sale.

  • I treat my clients and my clients’ investments with the same respect and care as I would for a close family member. This means being available whenever you need me, advising honestly, and giving you the time you need to decide on the largest investments of your life.

  • I don’t believe in forcing my opinions on my clients. I want you to feel 100% satisfied about your decisions. My job is to inform you of your options and give you the space to make choices confidently.

My Difference

Supporting You

  • I want to ensure that you feel your best when we work together and when you make your decisions.

  • I will be available whenever you need me by phone or email, for the most simple or complicated questions. I have actively created a network of professionals to find the answer to any questions you have related to real estate or your financial independence.

Supporting the Process

  • Using various tools and technology, I support the purchase/sale process by educating my clients about every step.

  • I implement my knowledge on current trends in the region and upcoming changes to the industry on a daily basis.

  • I use technology and marketing in your best interest, ensuring that you are making informed decisions and receiving top dollar for your property.

Supporting the Region

  • Kitchener-Waterloo has my heart. I love the region and everything it has to offer! As the landscape continues to change I look forward to being an active member of the community and sharing in the bright future ahead

  • Whenever possible, I try to infuse my love for the region into the work that I do, which includes supporting small and growing local businesses.

Jason Van Amelsvoort Broker

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