Make it in the Market as a Millennial Lmited Seating

If you're renting you're already paying a mortgage, it's just not your own. Find out how other millennials are making homeownership happen with our real advice, real solutions, and educational approach for those who don't know where to start.

Limited seating. Please Pre- Register before the event @ www.makeitinthemarket.ca

Please Join us at:

RBC Royal Bank of Canada
5 Clair Rd E, Guelph
Located in the Pergola Commons

Tuesday February 18

Make it in the Market as a Millenial | Please Pre- Register before the event @ www.makeitinthemarket.ca

THE Expert

Photo of Stephanie Furfaro

Stephanie Furfaro Sales Representative

While for most real estate is often a second career choice, it’s always been my first. However, I took the long route to get here – earning a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Western Ontario first, and taking a couple of years to gain more work experience. From serving to bartending to managing I have always gone above and beyond what has been asked of me, fine-tuning my communication and interpersonal skills along the way.

I strive to always provide the best possible service and environment for my clients. My high attention to detail and the ability to easily adapt will help me attend to every aspect of your needs.

I’m not only passionate about real estate but dedicated. This is one of the biggest transactions anyone can make and my job is to support you in doing so, making it as easy and stress-free as possible along the way.

Condo vs Freehold Showdown New Build & Pre-Construction Buying

Join New Home Construction Guru's Mitch and Christine for a fun evening of myth & fact-finding, refreshments, and Q&A's. A sure win for your real estate goals this year with Mitch and Christine in your corner.

Register Today http://seeit.tw/85L5R1

Thursday February 20

Condo vs Freehold Showdown | 6:30PM | February 20th

THE Expert

Photo of Christine Brady

Christine Brady Sales Representative

The new home construction industry has given me extensive exposure and knowledge as I have helped hundreds of homeowners turn their dream homes into reality - one brick and beam at a time.

I’ve always relied upon my strong work ethic, loyalty and trust in the journey - that once engaged upon, it will ultimately finish where it’s meant to be - for each and every kind home-owner that I meet.

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