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In the changing world of new home construction, partnerships have become paramount. As a real estate firm, we are the market insiders, we are the word on the street and we want to share that knowledge with you. All of our builder partners receive so much more than a sales solution.

Here is a sample of what we bring to the table for you and your next project:

.01 | Professional Site Sales

We take the consideration of properly staffing your site seriously, pairing the right frontline fit for every project. All of our professionals are highly trained and experienced.

Our specialized site staff includes:

  • new home focused Realtors®

  • design & selections specialists

  • site hosts

.02 | Sales Strategy & Management

We put in place what most projects miss - the right plan and the right people to keep that plan moving.

Our Sales Managers ensure site staff, marketing and your staff are always connected and working in an informed and uniform direction. We interpret, we plan, we coach and we are your unfiltered conduit to exactly what is happening in your sales centre and on the street.

Our sales strategies involve smoothing out all details and maximizing profits for you, our client. Strategic product rollouts, incentives programs and ensuring you are always proactively working with the market, not reacting too late.

.03 | Product & Positioning Analysis

Finding the connections between what maximizes profits and what buyers are actually looking to purchase - a necessary and often missed step.

We work closely with you to advise on what unit sizes, styles, layouts and pricing strategies will accomplish the greatest returns with the least market resistance.

04 | Data & Market Analysis

Our market data & research department is always at your disposal. Here are a few of the very helpful things we can do for you:

  • Carefully created feasibility studies

  • Examination of buyer trends

  • Industry and buyer focus groups

  • Project surveys

  • Model home evaluations (secret shopper)

.05 | Site Acquisition

Whether it’s finding the perfect JV partner, acquiring an existing site or finding a new one - we help to connect those dots.

We are the locals with the inside track to finding exactly what you need.

.06 | Design & Marketing Materials

Our small, but very mighty, in-house design team is the perfect solution for smaller builders & projects where the budget matches the project size. We don’t let size matter when it comes to your project looking top-shelf against any competition.

For medium-sized, to large projects, we work hand-in-hand with local industry design partners who can handle the heavy lifting you need. We know that any successful project has marketing & sales moving in the exact same direction.

.07 | Project Promotion

The power of the largest real estate voice in the Region is at your back. 120+ Realtors® working together in a united front to get the message of your project out to the people. Both of our TWStores are there to promote your next project, 7 days a week. The VR headsets and all promotional video content is shot by TrilliumWest and there is never any cost to you.

Let us also mention the TrilliumWest web entities and of course, the always engaging TrilliumWest social feeds. Our web and social properties form the perfect promotional conduit for your next project.

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