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Buying Guide


Realtors® are trained professionals in the real estate field (with continuing educational requirements) who are passionate about guiding you through the intricacies of the largest single purchase you will likely make in your lifetime – your home.

TrilliumWest sales representatives pride themselves in keeping up-to-date. We study market trends, know applicable contract law, and have an in-depth knowledge of our community. Perhaps the most overlooked difference is our ability to know not only what is on the MLS® system, but what properties are not. The inside scoop can be the difference between finding the perfect home and missing out.

Our connected sales professionals have extensive backgrounds in investment properties, new construction projects, luxury homes and everything in between. We know our product and our market and will help you buy with knowledge and confidence.

A TrilliumWest Realtor® has the expertise to move you seamlessly through the purchase process. We help to align you with the best possible specialists like lawyers, finance professionals, contractors and inspectors. We help to avoid costly mistakes.

Whether purchasing a resale or a newly constructed home, this advice is available to you at no cost.

A TrilliumWest sales professional knows the city and the market, and is held to a high standard of professionalism by our Brokerage. As your Realtor®, it is our responsibility to educate and protect you, the buyer, and ensure that the purchasing process is a successful and rewarding experience.

Seriously, why purchase a home any other way?


Property Search

  • Establish your qualified price range
  • Thoroughly research potential properties in your range, both on and off MLS®
  • Schedule viewings of selected properties
  • Carefully compare the advantages and disadvantages of each potential property
  • Analyze offered pricing within the current market
  • Repeat this process as long as necessary, building your confidence in any decision until we find the perfect fit

Offers & Contracts

  • Explain and establish the formal buyer-agency agreement. Your TrilliumWest Realtor® represents you, the buyer, at no cost
  • Explain the agreement of purchase and sale and the general process that will be followed
  • Offers and counter-offers are part of a two-way negotiation process
  • Discuss with you the various conditions that may apply to your offer. Common conditions include obtaining financing approval, conducting a home inspection, or selling your current home
  • Present and negotiate your offer in an effort to obtain the best possible price and terms
  • Follow up on conditions and time frames
  • Investigate any issues arising and supply additional information requested by the seller
  • Amend the agreement with waivers, notices of fulfilment of conditions, and other amendments as they arise
  • Secure and forward all documentation to lawyers or financial institutions
  • Schedule and attend any showings prior to closing


Closing & Costs

  • Just prior to closing you will visit with your lawyer to sign final documents relating to the purchase of the home, including financing and insurance documents
  • Your lawyer will go over statement of adjustments explaining any costs or credits
  • Closing costs will vary depending on purchase price of home, but will likely include;
    -- lawyers fees and disbursements
    -- land transfer tax (rebates may be available)
    -- mortgage fees (if applicable)
    -- new development charges (if applicable)
    -- new development enrollment fees (if applicable)
    -- title insurance

  • On the day of closing, title is conveyed and keys are
    supplied to the buyer

  • Now you and your TrilliumWest Realtor® can celebrate!

Once the Property is Closed

  • TrilliumWest maintains digital records and copies of all documentation, which is accessible to all parties
  • At your option, your TrilliumWest Realtor® will be pleased to provide continuing updates on market conditions

You can DOWNLOAD this guide in .pdf

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