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Guelph Townhomes


Guelph townhomes, a little something for every taste

Townhomes in Guelph certainly have come along way in the past few decades. They are no longer looked upon as just a less expensive form of housing, but as a lifestyle choice, a place to build equity or even to find finer finishings that are often difficult to find in the detached home market.

In every area of Guelph, townhomes have a new bold face in the marketplace. Superior finishes like stucco and stone adorn the exteriors, while granite counter-tops, hardwood floors and open-concept living spaces grace the interiors of many newly constructed towns. We are fortunate to have builders in this community that for many years, have gone beyond the pretty touches and also set the standard for superior construction quality. While other communities have chosen quantity over quality, the concept of building a superior townhome is not a new one here in Guelph.

The townhome market in Guelph

The resale market here in Guelph attracts a wide variety of buyer groups, mostly dependent on which part of town you are searching in. The East, South and West portions of Guelph have the largest number of townhomes in the city and typically see fairly active numbers of resale properties every quarter.

If a new townhome is in your future plans, well the local Guelph builders have you covered. Townhome projects, both in-fill and subdivision, are in plentiful supply. At TrilliumWest we always stock the print packages from across the city and have all of the maps and details you will need to find your perfect home at TWStore. Hundreds of new townhomes in the city, and all in one place. Best part? We are open when the model homes are closed, so come on in and see us anytime.

The South Guelph townhome market

The South Guelph market has the largest number of townhomes available in the resale market at almost any given point in the year. The early spring season does attract even larger levels of interest from investors looking to purchase and rent out to students with typical May to May leases. While the investment segment of the market does have serious strength, the non-rental portion of the market on the South-side is the real driving force behind this sub-market that has been booming for decades. Single parents, younger couples, families choosing more affordable housing and down-sizers all have viable options in the resale market. Many families with employment in the GTA choose South Guelph as a more affordable option than neighbouring communities like Milton and Georgetown.

New townhome projects are always happening in South Guelph, some selling out months in advance of a shovel going in the ground. With various builders and plenty of design and lifestyle options to choose from. you will find what you are looking for in South Guelph.

The East Guelph townhome market

It's about as competitive as you can find in the city. The homes are more often than not freehold, instead of condo and built within the past few years, attracting plenty of first-time buyers from within the city and well beyond. The price advantage compared with South Guelph has been significant for many years, although that gap is narrowing substantially. For years supply has struggled to keep up with the increasing demand for turn-key freehold townhomes and buyers often find themselves with a much more difficult search than first anticipated (small plug for hiring a great LOCAL Realtor to help with that). If newer isn’t your thing, there are many more mature condo townhouse complexes on the East-side to choose from as well,

The market for new build townhomes in East Guelph is booming. Freehold developments with energy-efficient designs have been the common theme throughout most successful recent projects. The seemingly insatiable demand from purchasers looking to escape the GTA is driving the demand to a completely new level. Blocks of townhomes are selling out in mere days and those who aren't first in line, simply aren't getting to purchase what they would like. Get in touch, our East Guelph and new construction professionals can certainly help with that.

The West and North Guelph townhome markets

The West and North ends of Guelph have more varied options than other parts of the city. Typically attracting buyers already living and working in the city, townhomes in the West and North can certainly provide a more cost effective living option. A number of freehold complexes do exist, but condo options definitely rule the resale market. Price points are typically lower than the East and substantially lower than that of similar homes in the South-end of Guelph. If more home for your dollar is top-of-mind, then considering West or North Guelph would be a good place to start your search.

New build options are available, although not nearly in the same quantity as in other areas of the city. Supply is usually limited and demand, as you can imagine, is usually very strong. New projects are on the way that should help satisfy current demand.

The Downtown Guelph townhome market

The Downtown Guelph townhome market is in the midst of a major renaissance. Although resale options are available, they are not as plentiful as some of the newer townhome projects in the city core. With the vast majority of new townhome projects in recent year moving towards more perimeter parts of Guelph, the Downtown core had been largely passed over for development. We are now experiencing a major change in that pattern. Numerous modern in-fill projects catering to higher price-point purchasers are being met with overwhelming success. Projects like the Stewart Mill, The Metalworks and Riverview have re-shaped what townhome living in Downtown Guelph can be.

Young professionals, down-sizers and couples seeking care-free living are all returning to the city centre and finding exactly what they are looking for.

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