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Guelph Lake

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What was once years ago a quiet little corner casually tucked into the top of the city, is now one of the largest development zones in Guelph. For the past decade, the area north of Woodlawn Road and abutting the Guelph Lake Conservation Area has been reshaping the landscape and attracting families from all over the city.

The southern portion of the neighbourhood is a quiet grouping of homes around Ferndale Park, popular with older families who enjoyed living further away from the noise of the city. The surrounding new construction has filled the former open fields with an assortment of family living options. Stacked town homes, street-level town homes and larger detached properties all characterize a neighbourhood that is continuing to reshape itself daily.

What never changes, is the location of the beautiful sports fields and park located at Guelph Lake Conservation Area. Incredible walks through developed trails, passing through dense forests and down to the waterfront, not a bad neighbourhood park! Weekends are popular in the spring, summer and fall months with softball, soccer and ultimate leagues and tournaments all sharing the very well maintained facilities accessible from the western side of the park. Guelph Lake is truly the recreation location of choice for many Guelph families.

Values have continued to rise for the past decade and the variety of new construction options should likely only serve to continue that trend. Although the lack of immediate amenities does exist, a short drive down Woodlawn Road provides easy access to the big box shopping world. Services and schools are on the horizon and many Guelph families are looking to take advantage of the financial upside of relocating to the Guelph Lake neighbourhood before those services arrive.

Accessibility to the park, and a quiet lifestyle await you in the northwest corner of Guelph.

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Detached MLS sales
  • 19 | Volume of Detached Units Sold
  • $375,000 | Lowest Firm Sale Price
  • $632,000 | Highest Firm Sale Price
  • $549,900 | Median Firm Sale Price
Attached MLS sales
  • 26 | Volume of Attached Units Sold
  • $252,000 | Lowest Firm Sale Price
  • $437,500 | Highest Firm Sale Price
  • $357,450 | Median Firm Sale Price
Neighbourhood new builds
  • Carriage Condos - Reid's Homes

*All data represents 2016 totals collected from Guelph & District MLS system.

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Walkable Parks

  • Ferndale Park
  • Brant Park
  • Beverley Robson Park
  • Guelph Lake Conservation Area

Nearby Grocery

  • Zehrs Eramosa
  • Wal-Mart

Walkable Restaurants/Coffee Shops

  • Tim Hortons
  • Zazo Restaurant

Walkable Family Amenities

  • Woodlawn Dental Care

Notable Distances

  • 3.5 km | Guelph General Hospital
  • 7.1 km | University of Guelph
  • 9.3 km | Stone Road Shopping Mall
  • 3.9 km | The Sleeman Centre
  • 19.4 km | 401 Highway Access