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You could say I’ve been preparing for my career in real estate since I was a teenager!

Born and raised in Erin, ON I have been frequenting Guelph all my life and I’m happy to have called it home for the past four years. After graduating from the Marketing program at Georgian College I knew I’d been provided with everything I needed to start a successful career in marketing and advertising- except an interest to enter that field. I continued working in the service industry and view that experience as a true continuation of my education. Fast forward to 2016, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime as an international flight attendant. I’m extremely proud of my work and grateful for the way it shaped my approach to life and business.

When I was in high school my mom Lesley got her license and that’s when my love of real estate truly started. Conversations at the dinner table would go from what I learned that day to how you spot signs of water damage in a basement. I started spending my spare time visiting her at listings where she taught me the ins and outs of the industry, how to look past decor to see the potential a space holds, and most importantly the secrets to making a house a home. You could say I’ve been preparing for my career in real estate since I was a teenager!

My Approach

Ten years in the service industry and four years as a full-time flight attendant has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge in customer service and crisis management that translates well into my life as a Realtor®. I’m highly acclimatized to putting in the work ‘behind the scenes’ to curate an effortless and enjoyable experience for my clients and that is one of my top priorities.

My Difference


Open and honest communication is crucial in preventing stress. The process of looking for the right property can seem endless but having clearly defined goals for your move will help keep us on track. I believe in a very ‘hands on’ approach when working with clients as we truly are a team. Whether it be buying or selling, we will get you where you want to go; which is home.


It's an understatement to say that buying a home is the most important purchase in your life. You aren’t just investing your money, you’re investing in your sanctuary where you’ll be resting, recharging and making memories. My passion shines through the relationships I build with my clients and understanding their needs and wants. I will support you through this journey by educating and empowering you to choose the home that is right for you.


Marketing is an art form. The first step in great marketing is creating a plan curated specifically for your target market. The way I present a Townhome or Condo is completely different than presenting a Detached Two-Storey with a three car garage. I have two secret weapons when it comes to marketing- my Advanced Diploma and my continued studies in the ever evolving world of social media. Your home is the star and it’s my job to shine the spotlight on it.


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