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I work hard to provide clients with expert service and advice, leveraging my experience from the construction industry and knowledge of the market.

My family moved from Romania to the KW area when I was 11 and I’ve been a proud local since. After graduating high school I chose to study Robotics and Automation at Conestoga College. I enjoyed the co-op placements and the experience I got from the program but realized it wasn't the long term career I wanted to pursue further.

After finishing the program, I explored the house construction industry for many years, working as a painter in newly built homes and later doing sales and coordinating production in the stone countertops industry. I learned a great deal from the builders and other trades around me. It was through this experience that I developed new skills and an understanding of the construction process from start to finish. The housing market was very interesting to me and I decided to pursue it further by obtaining my real estate license.

I have been serving KW and the surrounding areas as a licensed professional since 2013 and love the community and its people. I work hard to provide clients with expert service and advice, leveraging my experience from the construction industry and knowledge of the market. I truly enjoy helping to flawlessly facilitate the sale and purchase of properties!

My Approach

Buying or selling a home is naturally one of the most stressful processes for most people as it's one of the largest investments that a person can make in their lifetime.

My goal is to ensure that my clients feel at ease and trust that I am there to serve and support them in any situation. I do this by striving to provide professional, helpful, and honest service with my client's best interest in mind.

Every person and every transaction is unique and deserves attention and respect. Through transparency and dedication to my clients, I make sure my clients are well-informed to be able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

My Difference

Honesty + Transparency

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Being honest is important to me in all aspects of life and I ensure clients have this security while working with me; knowing that they are being told the truth about a potential property or their own home for sale.

Construction Experience

Having been exposed to the construction world for most of my adult life, I can speak confidently about almost any process involved in building a home. This makes a difference in the way I serve my clients; I not only see homes through the lens of a Realtor®, but also the lens of someone with hands-on construction experience.


They say that knowledge is power. I recognize the need to continuously learn and grow, so I devote my time to obtain the knowledge necessary to serve clients on every front. By always striving to stay in the know, I can help my clients make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

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What my clients say

His devotion, passion, communicable skills and high knowledge about the market makes him a complete real estate agent that puts all effort to complete the client's satisfaction and meet all requirements.

Denisa Ghionoiu

We couldn't be happier with the service we received! He was very knowledgeable in market conditions and was able to guide us in getting top dollar for all our properties.

Alice Ghionoiu

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