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I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work with people, which led me to several careers that allowed me to assist people with their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

I continue to do this as a paramedic, a life & health coach and as a co-founder of a non-profit organization that helps children suffering from abuse and neglect in Haiti.

My passion for working with and helping people is now expanding into real estate. My husband and father-in-law have over 70 years of combined experience in the field, so I have been involved in the industry long before becoming registered and benefitted from their guidance.

My Approach

I am a genuine person who works hard to make sure your experience is authentic, engaging and held with the highest integrity. When confronted with questions I do not know how to answer, I dedicate myself to seeking a thorough, accurate and timely response. I am a tenacious person by nature and recognize that knowledge is power, so it is important to me that you are well informed. Together as a team, we will leverage my network to help you achieve your goals. I have no doubt you will leave feeling respected, protected and cared for, knowing that you and your family are my top priority.

My Difference

Life Long Learner

I love learning. I love growing. I love making connections. I recognize that the best situations come from being fully engaged and that almost every experience has some sort of learning opportunity. I don’t settle for mediocrity and will never take a shortcut for quick results. I believe in quality work and making fully informed decisions.

Positive Energy

I believe I bring a tremendous amount of positive energy, a wealth of experience and a strong determination to help my clients prosper. I know that I am a valuable asset to my clients and strive to make every situation beneficial when buying or selling their beloved home. I refuse to compromise my values and will never put you or someone else into a situation I wouldn’t put myself in. I will not push you nor be pushed around by others.

Network of Connections

I have a supportive network of successful realtors who allow me to offer sound, innovative and thorough advice. TrilliumWest is a fully engaged brokerage, ensuring our clients receive the best support, advice and guidance out there. It is a collaborative workplace focused on giving clients nothing but the best service.

I continue to expand my network throughout the Region in all areas of real estate to offer my clients every possible advantage. If you have a question or are looking for support, let's chat.

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