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A TRILLIUMWEST Realtor® is your trusted purchasing advisor.

Real estate sales representatives are generally thought of as someone to help you sell your house. Often overlooked is the flip side of that coin - the role of the Realtor® in the purchasing process. But your sales representative should be much more than just a person who can get the keys to view potential properties. Your TrilliumWest Realtor® will be a key advisor, a trusted, knowledgeable and indispensable person to help you make an informed buying decision.

As a client of TrilliumWest you can be assured of the best possible purchasing experience.

The Local Knowledge You Need

We don't just follow the market, we actively research it.

Our first priority when working with buyers is to educate them. We want to ensure that your purchasing decision is made from a fully informed position. What are the current market conditions? What are the characteristics of that particular neighbourhood? Which schools might be the right ones for your kids? And some of this information, such as current market conditions, can be very fluid over time. Your TrilliumWest Realtor® is committed to absorbing, analyzing and sharing their up-to-date industry knowledge with you the buyer.

Our clients are afforded the opportunity to learn about present and future value, and where we see certain neighbourhoods heading over the foreseeable future. Knowing how much a home is actually worth today and what it could be worth tomorrow is absolutely key to making the right decisions. Your home is likely the largest single investment you are ever going to make. At TrilliumWest we accept, enjoy, and embrace our responsibility to provide you with the fullest and soundest knowledge base for your purchasing decisions.

Connected Realtors®

What you can see on is only a percentage of what is actually available.

Our sales representatives are professionals who pride themselves on understanding the total picture. We are continuously nurturing our relationships with builders, developers, past clients, and the broader brokerage community. Not only do we know what properties are available today, we know what will be available in the near future. Our buying clients are the benefactors of tireless research and the encouraged sharing of information within our office.

Our Connected Realtors®:

  • Follow the internal MLS® system daily
  • Share upcoming listings in our office and conduct open discussions through our TrilliumWest Realtor® web portal
  • Research advanced market data and indicators through our internal data collection and presentation tools
    Utilize social media to connect instantly with new information
  • Educate themselves continually to be able to provide the highest degree of knowledge
  • Connect regularly in person and on-line with industry professionals to expand their knowledge base
  • Learn from decades of combined industry experience right here in Guelph
  • Are supported by a brokerage whose priority is serving our clients

Resources & Guides

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Buying a home is always a big deal, so we put together a little take-home light reading for you. These step-by-step guides will get you started while your TW Realtor® gets your purchasing plan put together. Enjoy friends.
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TW Plain Language Forms

All those complicated real estate forms detailed out in simple to understand terms. In a world of e-signatures and short-timelines, this is our ultimate forms resource.
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Kim and Andrea were perfectly professional and accommodating, what more can you ask for?

Ted McCulloch

professional, honest, trustworthy, and very pleasant to work with. We strongly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a home

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Michelle Ivy has been the most amazing agent to work with!

Tara Southcott

Worked with Michael Li, he helped us buy our dream home. He was very patient with our choices and responded to all our queries.

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