YOUR FIRST HOME How Exciting Is This ?!?!

Such a landmark time in your life is on your doorstep. A time in your life to not only be enjoyed and celebrated but also one to take very seriously. Your first home should feel like official graduation into a world of financial independence. Not to downplay the excitement of it all, but this momentous occasion also sets the tone for your personal financial health for years to come. A missed step on your first residential purchase is not one you want to make. This is where we enter your equation.

At TrilliumWest, we have a process designed just for you - the first-time homebuyer looking in the Region. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and are your trusted advisors throughout the entire process. As a snazzy bonus, all of our knowledge, experience, and expertise comes FREE of charge to you. Our Realtors® and staff are 100% here to help make this the most enjoyable experience possible.

GETTING Comfortable

Top priority - we need to get you comfortable with this new world you are entering into. Searching for homes on MLS® by yourself can be fun, but can also keep you standing still.

Here is how we like to get you both comfortable and heading in a productive direction with your search:

  • We invite you into one of our offices for a relaxed chat to assess your needs. It all starts with a true understanding of who you are and what your needs are. We call this a 'discovery session' and the goal is to discover more about you and prepare you for the real-world education ahead of you.
  • Everything a first-time buyer could ever need is available at our offices - information on all of the re-sale homes around the Region, details and print packages on 100's of new homes & condos, financing options & unlimited resources. We load you up with whatever you may need.
  • After careful discussion regarding your individual needs, it's time to sit back in one of our comfy meeting rooms and begin to examine what properties are available both on and off of the MLS® system. This is often a step that really opens up your eyes to the full picture of your search.
  • If it's a new home you want, we have you covered. We have all of the builder packages you will need in our TWStores and you can even tour model homes in full VR.
  • We can help discuss your financing, and if needed our in-house mortgage specialists are there to help. Online calculators get you started, but actual approvals require some more in-depth work.
  • The ultimate goal of the discovery session is to inform you of the entire process and answer any questions you might have in an informal setting. Honestly, ask away, it is our job to help the best we can.


Once we have established a solid understanding of what your needs are, now its time to go to work and find that perfect home.

  • Next step, we set up a direct link between yourself and the local MLS® system. Think of it as a backdoor into a world typically only accessible to Realtors®.
  • We open lines of communication within our office and inside the local real estate community to work on finding that perfect property. Even if the property isn’t on the MLS® system, we do our very best to find it.
  • We view as many homes as necessary to get you comfortable with the market across the Region. Education comes first, and the larger your search area the more education you will need.
  • A full review of all the required paperwork typically will happen during your home search to have everyone fully prepared for the offer process. Download a copy of our 'TW Plain Language Forms' in the 'Resources' section below to get a jump on your homework.
  • We will discuss current value in particular neighbourhoods, the future value, the influencers of value and we always look at the data. It can sound a bit complicated, but everything will be explained to you properly and all questions will be answered.


Eventually, you walk through the front door of your perfect place to call home. We view it together, we fall in love and we decide to prepare an offer! Awesome, but let's stick to the plan here:

  • We walk you step-by-step through the whole process, ensuring you are comfortable with the entire strategy and that the appropriate conditions are inserted in your contract to protect you.
  • We are very careful to temper the excitement level and keep our focus on the facts during the conditional period. Home inspections, financing, insurance and any further negotiations will require careful attention to detail.
  • Buy champagne.


Get the Guide

Buying a home is always a big deal, so we put together a little take-home light reading for you. These step-by-step guides will get you started while your TW Realtor® gets your purchasing plan put together. Enjoy friends.
Download the Guide

TW Plain Language Forms

All those complicated real estate forms detailed out in simple to understand terms. In a world of e-signatures and short-timelines, this is our ultimate forms resource.
Download the Guide

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