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We know investment properties.

Most often, a Realtor® is thought of as someone who is only able to help buy or sell a family home, but what about when it comes to investment properties?

Working with the right Realtor® who is in tune with the investment market can give you the cutting edge above the rest of the competing buyers or sellers in the marketplace. Knowledgeable Realtors® that focus specifically on investment properties are keenly aware of the investment market trends and can advise on things such as market-timing, appreciating hot spots and where properties are flat-lining supply and demand, or even where they expect the markets will be moving based on past performance and future developments. They can also advise you on such things as market rents, desirability, and get you on the inside track with particular niche markets such as purchasing investment properties for students, downsizers, multi-unit properties or pre-construction condos. Finding the right Realtor® to work with is key in expanding your investment portfolio, and the folks at TrilliumWest have all the knowledge and experience you need to succeed.


Our sales representatives are passionate about investing and are serious about helping you find the best kind of investment property that suits your needs. Whether it is a tiny bungalow with an accessory apartment, or a 30-unit multi-residential apartment building, we have all the necessary tools and know how to make sure you are buying the right kind of investment.
Our connected Realtors®:

  • Know the best investments to buy and which ones to avoid.
  • Track market trends such as vacancy rate and average market rent to ensure they are advising their clients in the best possible way.
  • Study critical deciding factors such as cash flow, cap rates, and return on investment for every property and client.
  • Invest their own time and energy into the real estate investment market to ensure they are seeing every piece of the puzzle.
  • Understand that each investor is at a different stage in the game and cater to the individual needs of that investor.
  • Advise from a position of experience and knowledge.
  • Analyze the market constantly to optimize the timing of your purchase or sale.
  • Provide the tools to assist our investor clients- rental applications, credit checks, and leases.

Determining Investment Goals

Each investor is different and has their own unique investment goals as well as risk tolerances. The connected TrilliumWest Realtor® starts every relationship by determining each individual investor’s goals through a consultation.
Investing in real estate provides a number of opportunities for an investor to make a return.

  • Market Appreciation - markets trend upwards over time
  • Cashflow - rental income offsets expenses
  • Principle Recapture - tenants pay your mortgage down over time
  • Forced Appreciation - improvements that add value beyond actual cost (flippers)

Depending on each investor's goals this will dictate which of the above we focus more heavily on. For example, if Cashflow is most important, student and multi-unit properties will likely be best suited, however, these types of properties tend to come with increased management. If market appreciation is the goal, purchasing in “up and coming” areas or pre-construction condos might be the best strategy, however, this can be more speculative so risk tolerance must be accounted for. Your TrilliumWest Realtor® can help you navigate the advantages and disadvantages of all the different investment opportunities available in the market.

Investing With Confidence

When you are backed by a TrilliumWest Realtor®, you can know that you are investing with confidence. We have the latest info, the most up-to-date technology, and the most professional sales representatives that can guide you through the entire process of purchasing your investment property – big or small. Our team of professionals are well-equipped to handle even the most complex of deals, properties and negotiations. Whether you’re looking to invest in a small family home, purchase vacant land for servicing or redevelopment, tearing down or adding onto an existing structure, or wishing to expand your investment portfolio into the world of multi-residential apartment buildings, ensuring the future of your family's next generations, we have you covered.

Trust in the pros at TrilliumWest to handle all of your real estate investment needs.

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