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Scott Robert

Experience & Background

I’m a townie. I wasn’t born in Guelph, but we moved here when I was 3. I love this city and everything it stands for. Sustainability, agriculture, education, and constant change and improvement. But the biggest one is community. People in this city genuinely care about each other and about the city itself. A city with a small town feel. Industry, a top-notch University and the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario. Guelph is amazing, and truly a great place to invest your money.

I wanted to be a lot of things growing up. When I was very young, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then someone explained that being a veterinarian does not simply entail rolling around with puppies all day. I got a little older and wanted to play in the NBA. One look at my less than imposing physical stature and you’ll understand why that didn’t happen.

Then, when my mom Pauline (she’s also on this site and I can't recommend her highly enough) got into real estate when I was 12, I watched her fall in love with the trade. I watched her work passionately and diligently for her clients and for herself and thought, “you know, I could do that too.”

I finished my education, got my Honours Bachelor of Commerce and approached my mom about joining the family business. She laughed at me. She told me to go get some real world sales experience. So I did. I worked in sales in consumer packaged goods for a handful of companies, the last of which was Pepsi Frito-Lay where I enjoyed a brief, but decorated career. I was offered a management position and reached a crossroads– do I jump headlong into a corporate career or do I pursue my dream of being self-employed and living the most fulfilling life I can?

Seeing as how you’re reading this bio on a real estate brokerage website, I think you know which path I chose. I joined the Guelph real estate board in 2009, haven’t looked back and have enjoyed learning and growing every day since. Well, not physically growing. Unfortunately.

My Approach

Every real estate transaction is different. Every person is different. I'm a chameleon. I tailor my approach to the needs of each individual who trusts me with handling their largest financial asset and I don't take that responsibility lightly. I'm a fun, laidback person by nature, but can be as aggressive as needed when the situation calls for it. I've been called very intuitive by more than one client in knowing what they wanted/needed before they even realized it. My one and only goal is to ensure that you are as satisfied with your experience with me as possible. Your best interests are my only priority. I am not motivated by money, I never have been. If you take care of your clients, then your business will take care of itself.



  • This business is first and foremost about people and relationships. I have enjoyed working with every client I've ever had, and it's my true pleasure in continuing those relationships well past the realm of real estate.


  • My mom (again, Pauline, check her profile out) taught me how to do this job properly and I take great pride in being known as a Realtor® who does things above board. Agents in this community love going to the negotiating table with me, because they know I'm on the level. And not to brag, but I'm fun to work with.


  • There's a quote that always stuck with me, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." This couldn't be more fitting for me. I've never felt like I was working, in the traditional sense. There are long hours and there's heartbreak and negatives associated with this line of work, but the positive outweighs the negative by such a large margin that it's not really a contest. I invite you to come in, have a coffee and let's get to know each other. I think we'll be a good fit.


Real estate can be fun. Let me show you how.

Recent Sold Properties

56 Cooper St
3 beds | 1 bath | 1536 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
83 Barrie St
3 beds | 2 baths | 1334 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
385 Starwood Dr
Grange Hill, East Guelph
4 beds | 3 baths | 2212 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
22 Renwick Ave
3 beds | 2 baths | 1000 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD
35 Shadybrook Cres
Preservation Park, South Guelph
5 beds | 3 baths | 1788 sq ft
Asking Price: SOLD

My clients say

Michel B.
Buyer 2011

Scott is just an amazing person. He's a great listener paying attention to your needs and requirements. Scott is not afraid to go outside the box and offer suggestions he believes may be in the best interest of his clients based on his original assessment. By going outside the box and in having me allowing that, I was able to find the perfect condominium that I've been living in since. I'm very happy that I followed Scott's vision and kept an open mind. Michel Beauvais

Tony M.
Buyer 2015

The short version: Scott was great, hands down. He was there with us every step to us purchasing our new home. The long version: Scott worked with us over an 8 month time period to find the right house for our needs. We narrowed down what we were looking for early on, and were able to focus on very specific listings. Scott provided a step-by-step process for us, on our hunt to purchase a home. He also provided access and suggestions for other involved parties, like lawyers & contractors, as our needs changed and as questions came up. When we needed questions asked about city bylaws, and in-depth specifics about building codes, local geography, Scott was able to provide the answer based on his expertise - and if not, spent the time to find the correct answer for us. After the acquisition of our home, he's even been kind in following up with us and ensuring that we've settled in well, checking to see that we've had no issues. If you need a realtor, you can't go wrong with Scott Robert.

Shauna B.
Buyer 2015

My husband and I purchased our first home with Scott. Scott learned very quickly what we were looking for and was incredibly patient showing us properties. While negotiating it was very clear he was always working for our best interest. Scott was very easy to get a hold of, flexible to meet and thorough with information. He thought outside the box when we weren't able to. Although Scott is very professional he has an excellent sense of humour and was able to keep this very stressful process light. We recommend Scott to anyone needing real estate advice!

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