The TrilliumWest Way

At TrilliumWest we have assembled the finest team of sales and marketing specialists so when it comes time to sell your home, we’re not there just to list it, wait and hope. Your TrilliumWest Realtor® becomes your partner in the home selling process - someone you can trust, an advisor who understands the market and knows how to market.

Our Realtors® inform and advise from a position of knowledge. We know the realities of the marketplace and develop a complete strategy to expose your home to the largest possible audience, leaving no stone unturned. 

We hold our sales representatives to the highest standards in the industry. We provide them with continuous training and skill development, the right marketing initiatives, and state-of-the-art technical tools. Check out our connected marketing strategy below. Then browse our list of sales representatives, read their bios, appreciate how they market their properties and find the perfect fit for you and your home.

Our knowledge, professionalism, and marketing tools will enable you to sell your home with the best possible results.


It's Kind of Our Thing

Our Realtors® have chosen to work at TrilliumWest because, as a company, we value and nurture the working relationships required to successfully sell a home. We are continuously developing connections and expanding our reputation within the brokerage community. We have created what we believe is the ideal recipe for maximizing exposure both within and outside of the local area. 

When you choose to become a client of TrilliumWest you get the complete services of an entire brokerage, not just of one sales representative.

Our Realtors® work with you to ensure you are informed every step of the way. We work with your team of trusted advisors, including lenders, lawyers and accountants to ensure the most professional and complete selling process. Through open communication, we assist in making informed decisions before, during and after a sale.


Marketing Universe

The Internet and social media have created an opportunity and promotional environment that has never existed previously. 

A whole new world of consumer behaviour far removed from the days of ‘carrier pigeon’ print promotion.

Implemented properly, we can systematically seek and find potential Buyers while pinpointing,, tracking and analyzing each of our individualized marketing efforts. It’s a pretty awesome new world, really.

The TW MarketingUniverse began with a big bang in 2014. A custom-built and always improving environment that will never actually reach completion. We think, we strategize, we build, we test, we tweak and then we test it all again. While it is both a big investment of time and resources, we think it should be the mission of a modern real estate company to constantly push the boundaries of our industry and continue to explore new possibilities of property promotion.

Download the Guide below to see what all the hype is about.


We are global

Our marketing strategy goes well beyond that of traditional brokerages.

Long gone are the days when newspaper advertisements were the principal marketing resource for selling homes. 

Today the Internet is the primary, and often the sole resource potential buyers employ in searching for their next home. It has been a rapid transition, but has the traditional brokerage kept up with the times? At TrilliumWest we not only acknowledge and embrace these new methods of promotion but strive to understand how to use these new tools in their highest and most effective form.

Today’s buyers are online and socially connected. TrilliumWest has the expertise and initiative to take advantage of that fact. Attention spans can be low in the digital world, so we make a point of understanding what it takes to grab the attention of potential online buyers. We thrive on finding new ways to get a targeted message out to the highest number of potential purchasers possible.

We create a customized marketing strategy for each and every home. Our Realtors® have access to the resources of an entire brokerage to carefully craft and execute the perfect plan. Simply put, our formula is one you won’t find anywhere else - and it works.

Download our Sellers Guide below to get all the details.


TW Seller Guide

Selling a home is a HUGE deal, so we put together a little take-home light reading for you. This step-by-step guide will get you started while your TW Realtor® gets the whole plan together. Enjoy friends.

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TW Marketing Universe

Not just fancy words on a website, an actual proven plan of promotion. Often imitated, but never properly duplicated - this is the web strategy that has been the talk of the industry.

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Numbers You Need to Know

Big fancy words are one thing, the numbers to back it up is another. While we like to think our words can be kinda fancy sometimes, we definitely have the data to back up our claims, enjoy!

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TW Assignment Guide

How we market, manage and mitigate the many moving parts of an assignment.

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Plain Languages Form

All those complicated real estate forms detailed out in simple to understand terms. In a world of e-signatures and short-timelines, this is our ultimate forms resource.

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Google Reviews

Cory Scott in particular made everything easy by being extremely knowledgeable and relentless in his fact finding. Throughout the whole process he made it feel like we were relying on the help of a close personal friend.

Andrew Cataford

Extremely professional, friendly and available. Trillium West has really figured this industry out.

Tessa McGuinness

Tim went above and beyond to get our home sold! Thoroughly marketed our home and it sold for above asking in a matter of days!

Paula Woodhouse

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