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TENANT Services

Over the years, tenants have largely been left to their own devices when it comes to finding and securing a suitable property to call home. We call that a missed step on behalf of organized real estate and we believe that home is home, regardless of who owns the title to the property. 

In recent years, a shortage of housing has caused the lease market across the Region to become very competitive. An increasing number of prospective tenants are enlisting the services of a professional Realtor® to guide them through a complex and fast-paced lease environment.


From the original consultation of finding your ‘hood, your school district, your desire for nightlife, we are the matchmaker between you and your next place to call home.  We help prepare you for what a landlord and tenant are reasonably responsible for, what market-rent is in the area, building out a budget, and helping find both properties on- and off-market.  


A Package, People

The more prepared and organized you are in the eyes of a landlord, the higher your chances of securing a lease for their property - simple as that. A TrilliumWest Realtor® will work closely with you to develop your very own ‘Tenant Package’ which will contain all of the documents necessary for a landlord to quickly assess you as a qualified tenant for their property. 

With heavy demand in the market, this is an essential step for any tenant to successfully secure their next home. While others struggle to complete the task, you are booking your moving van.


Is Always A Client

Outside of a select few major urban areas, organized real estate has too often turned up their collective noses to assist tenants. You may have experienced this in the past when reaching out to a Realtor® and asking for some help in securing a lease. You may have been told to go check Kijiji or Craigslist yourself, but get back in touch if you are ever interested in actually purchasing. While we can’t erase your past experiences, we can work to change things going forward for you.

Your TrilliumWest Realtor® welcomes the opportunity to help clients secure that perfect lease and we offer all of the same service, communication and transparency that you have come to expect from a company that always puts our clients first - regardless of the size of the transaction. We would be happy to share our knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

If that isn’t the best free service going, we aren’t sure what is?



Paperwork Nerds

Your TrilliumWest Realtor® has extensive knowledge of the Landlord-Tenant Act and can provide advice and guidance on what is permitted and what is not. We even have tenant-friendly Schedules that can be inserted into the Ontario Standardized lease to better protect your interests.  

  • But it doesn’t end there - our services go beyond the search and handing over of the keys:
  • We explain the Ontario Standard Lease agreement, line-by-line
  • Present and negotiate the offer to get you the best price and terms
  • We can hold deposits in a trust account to ensure you’re all moved into your next home and it’s in the condition you’d expect
  • Provide a checklist of everything to do prior to moving in - switching over utilities, internet, elevator reservations, insurance contacts - and much more
  • After service - any questions you need answered about the Residential Tenancy Act or the housing market are just a quick call, email, or text away to your TW agent.

Download our Landlord and Tenant Services Guide below to get all the details. 



TW Landlord + Tenant Guide

We put the ease in lease. This step-by-step guide will get you started while your TW Realtor® gets the whole plan together. Enjoy friends.

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Plain Languages Form

All those complicated real estate forms detailed out in simple to understand terms. In a world of e-signatures and short-timelines, this is our ultimate forms resource.

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She took the time to get to understand our wants and needs and not once did we feel any kind of pressure. Keshia is super authentic and every step of the journey felt genuine.

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Steve was a great help. Hard working, committed and always looking out for us throughout the process!


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