We warmly welcome you to the next step in your real estate career. While the next eight sections may be a little on the wordy side from time to time - it is your career and we think it is well worth going into detail about.

"We hope you enjoy the read and that these words help you take the right steps towards your dream career." - The Broker Team at TrilliumWest


Industry Training

The top-rated training program on the planet. It's what every Realtor® needs.

There is a reason we put training as number one on our list, it is the single most important part of any successful Realtors® career. The day you stop learning in this industry, is the day your career starts heading in the wrong direction. At TrilliumWest we place unmatched emphasis on the development of each individual career. This industry is no longer about door-knocking and cold calling, we build real training solutions to solve real-world problems.

Both digital independent platforms and collaborative group settings provide different results. So, we don’t choose one, we concentrate serious efforts in both worlds.

Through our membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, you get full access to the world's Number 1 rated digital training platform, across ALL industries, not just real estate. In fact, no other real estate company is even listed in the Top 125. The learning doesn’t stop there, our Brokers are Certified Ninja Selling Facilitators and our bi-weekly programs are the best in the biz. It’s all yours and it’s all included.

Our Broker team also prepares in-depth group presentations and discussions for anyone at TrilliumWest to attend. From offer strategy to business building and from industry changes to time management, we cover it all. Free-flowing and open conversation with fellow Realtors®, TW Mentors, and company Brokers to help you build a better career. Simple as that.

New agents, we got you covered - big-time. The TW FastStart program is designed to get your career off to the best possible start. It’s 20 weeks of business preparation, career planning, and paperwork practice. Led by our Broker team, your new career is guaranteed to get the best start possible.

Whether you are just getting your career off the ground, or if real estate has been your career for decades - there is always something new to be learned in the TW Training platform. It’s all here and it’s all included.


That Breeds Sucess

Open concept, open minds and open the doors to your potential.

Real estate is an industry that was built on co-operation, two Realtors® working together to create the perfect deal for all parties. But, somehow along the journey, our industry has lost its way. Offices have become more competitive than co-operative, more hierarchal than helpful, and too often Realtors® are left to fight the battle of building a career on their own. But not in the friendly confines of a TW office.

It all starts with the right mindset of each and every TW agent and employee. Whether they just started or they have been doing this for 30 years, we work together to always accomplish more. We share philosophies, we communicate openly, we support each other and we want everyone under our brand to reach their goals.

A completely open-concept office design helps to put the mindset into motion. No closed doors for big shot teams or Agents, just an environment that breeds conversation and communication amongst your peers. Learn from each other, find out about an upcoming property, or just coffee catch up and a market convo with a colleague - its what Realtors® love to do.

The power of people, not one person.

COACHING & Mentorship

The right people, in the right places, to help keep you pointed in the right direction.

Learning from those who have been there before you - an important layer to any developing career. Providing full support in every aspect of your business is a serious undertaking, and not one person can necessarily handle every job. We divide the responsibility between experts in each area, ensuring the greatest possible results for your career.

Our Broker Team handles your career coaching. Setting achievable business goals, effective time management, and developing a winning personal marketing strategy - we are there every step of the way. We have been there before, you learn from our experience, our successes, our mistakes, and we keep working with you to ensure your career path stays on track..

Our group of TW Mentors is a special one and certainly unique within the local real estate industry. They are highly experienced Realtors® that are here to work with you, provide real-world experience and even help with a paycheque or two. That’s right - a mentorship program designed to add a little money to your career, not take from it. No matter where you are in your career, our TW Mentors are a huge part of ensuring sustainable success.

And all of this top-notch support, and it will never cost you a penny. Dynamite.


Real Results

A Brokerage built on REAL opportunity.

Let’s just start with this - over the past year, we generated in excess of $30 million in sales volume for our Realtors®. We pride ourselves on being a true source of non-stop referrals, qualified leads and real opportunities. And we NEVER charge a fee to do so. You probably want to read on now, right?

When your Broker team doesn't compete in the marketplace against you, we can focus all of our expertise and energy on creating big opportunities for our Realtors®, not ourselves. It’s a sustainable system that works for everyone in the Brokerage, not an exclusive group.

You will hear many claims of superior ‘lead generation systems’ out there, but don't mistake chasing your tail with real results. Sitting at a desk and fishing for random Internet leads isn't likely why you got into real estate. Through established, practised & perfected methods of connections, association, promotion and opportunity, our Brokers never stop working on new ways to win more business for your individual brand.

It works, it’s proven and it pays off. Big-time.


Ever. Really.

We got your back, not a hand in your wallet.

It’s true. No desk fees, ever.

So how does it work then? Simple, we join forces and become a full partner in your career. When you win, we win.

We feel the desk fee model creates a landlord/tenant type relationship between the Brokerage and Realtors®. Regardless of your business success, just pay the Brokerage a monthly fee? That’s rent, not full business support.

So at TW, when you make a sale, we celebrate with you and the Brokerage shares financially in that success. We have become true partners in a profitable career for you, and in our eyes that’s the only model that leads to true Agent success.

A partnership model keeps us asking the question - what can we do to help?


We Are Global

Don’t choose between local and global. Get the best of both, right here.

TrilliumWest is the only regional Brokerage that can truly provide the best of both worlds - all the benefits of a truly hyper-local brand, combined with the reach & connections of membership in the ultimate global organization.

Our membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, an invite-only group of the top firms across the globe, assures that exposure for you and your properties doesn't stop at the boundaries of the city. But exposure greater than ALL of the big franchises is only where things get started. With LeadingRE you have access to ongoing global referrals, industry-leading conferences, unrivalled marketing resources and of course, the number one-rated training Platform on the planet - you get access to it all at TrilliumWest.

The best local marketing partnered with the biggest reach in the industry. We are local, we are global.


Your Marketing

Just like that, you are on top of the marketing food chain.

At TW we take the world of marketing very seriously. It’s not just something we do, effective marketing is the very core of business. Your listings, your business & your personal brand all benefit from a company that puts purposeful design and strategy behind every initiative.
In an industry where many Brokerages are choosing to do less, we are all about doing more. More exposure for your property, means more opportunity for you.

With a full-time design department and even an in-house social media coordinator, the marketing tools to develop your own brand are endless. Consultation, coaching and creative solutions all included.

All good stuff, but the big goal is - we never want you to lose a listing again. The presentation tools are top-shelf and when your homes showcase this beautifully on-line, you’re winning. Our Brokerage marketing team even takes over the promotion of your property so you can stick to doing what you do best - selling houses.

Revolutionary in real estate, sure. But we truly believe it is what a Brokerage SHOULD be doing.


At Your Service

Your built-in support system for every situation. That’s how you put it all together.

Building a real career takes more than just you. It takes a team effort to get it all right, and at TW we are redefining the role of Brokers (note the plural) in Realtor® success.

Our Broker Team is carefully built to provide support for everything today’s Realtor® needs to be successful. Need to handle a tough offer situation? We got that. How about a complex business building initiative? Got that covered too. From marketing to managing emotions and everything in between, True Broker support is at your fingertips.

At TW we have assembled a team of the most respected female and male Brokers in our local industry. The simple fact is, no single Broker can possibly manage every aspect of your career. Our Broker Team works together to ensure the right people are always handling the right situations. That always produces the right result for you.

Dedicated Brokers ready to go and help build your unstoppable career.




The Brokerage Comparison Checklist

How do we stack up against the traditional Brokerage models? We are glad you asked and have prepared this lovely little check-list to make some of the differences pretty darn clear. No spin, just the facts.

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TW FastStart

TW FastStart is our in-house program designed to get your career off to the best start possible. Lead by our Broker Team, this 6-month custom creation is all yours. And like all things training related at TW - it's FREE.

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