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The downtown living experience in Guelph is all about convenience and walkability.

We've recently witnessed several decades of growth that saw many young families enticed to move to the expanding perimeter of the city. Amidst widespread urbanization, the downtown residential streets of Guelph have never lost their appeal. The thirst for the irreplaceable characteristics of centuries old streets and properties continues. In fact, it could easily be suggested that the demand for core Guelph properties has never been higher.

The downtown living experience in Guelph is all about convenience and walkability. Unlike other Ontario cities and towns that saw big-box commercialization destroy their downtown economic growth, downtown Guelph has not only survived that development, but thrived under it. The residents of the surrounding historic neighbourhoods remain the major benefactors. The farmers market, organic grocery, retail, family services and the best collection of restaurants and pubs in town, are all within reach of your front door.

The housing sales of Historic Guelph are as varied as you will find anywhere in the city. From mid-19th century original structures to high-rise condominiums that are loaded with the modern amenities of 21st century living, the neighbourhood has something to offer everyone. Home prices range from entry-level to as exclusive as you will find in Guelph. A little something for everyone provides an eclectic mix of residents, all choosing to enjoy the benefits of traversing walkable streets to their everyday amenities.

While the historic character of the neighbourhood is the principal draw for many choosing to live in the downtown core, several new developments are providing access to an entirely new array of housing options. Smart new construction projects like OneEighty, The Metalworks, River House and River Mill condominiums have expanded on the livability of the neighbourhood through the careful re-development of forgotten lands in core locations. Coupled with many large-scale renovation and addition projects, the development dollars are currently flowing freely into the Historic Guelph neighbourhood.

A purchase into the Historic Guelph neighbourhood is a wise investment both in economic terms and lifestyle.

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Historic Guelph, Downtown Guelph

The Downtown Core

Between the amazing restaurants, ample shopping and fun entertainment, there's so much to do and experience in Historic Guelph!

The Parks + Trails

Take a scenic walk along the river via the Downtown or Royal Recreation Trail. Check out the historic locomotive 6167 at John Galt Park or cool off in the wading pool at Sunny Acres Park. Enjoy the view at Royal City Park or admire the ruins of the old mill at Goldie Mill Park. Or do it all! With these multiple green spaces, this downtown core is far from being a concrete jungle.

The Historic Architecture

As you'd expect, there is some amazing architecture in this neighbourhood. Walk around and enjoy the historic buildings and unique home styles from yesteryear.

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