Amjad Yousefi

I have always believed that life is the greatest university and the best form of education for anyone who chooses to make it an education.

As a result, after high school I decided to start my own business, be my own boss and make real money. It took two rewarding, yet unprofitable, businesses before my third business achieved financial success and enabled me to help some of the people that I cared about. I have found this to be one of the greatest sources of joy and a powerful drive in my life.

However, a few years later, and due to a series of lending money with no collateral to those whom I cared deeply for, I lost everything I had earned and I was back to where I started. As a result, I worked at humble jobs with long hours to make up for my financial loss. This was one of the most intense and challenging experiences I have ever had.

I moved to the Region of Waterloo when I first moved to Canada and I call Kitchener-Waterloo my home. I love the community and what the tri-cities have to offer. During this period of time, I worked a variety of jobs such as a pizza delivery person, cook, and bartending. It was during my time bartending that I honed my skills to connect with people and handle customer relations. I have always believed in the power of real estate, even when I lost all of my money, because I witnessed the security it provided to families who own their homes and also the transformational wealth it offered to investors.

During my time doing pizza delivery, I got to know Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge streets and neighbourhoods really well. I worked multiple jobs at the same time with the goal to save enough of a down payment to purchase my first home. By saving every bit of spared cash, I was able to purchase a fixer upper and began my hands-on renovation journey. I then worked on multiple duplex conversions during which I gained so much knowledge about the structure and inner workings of a house. Some were definitely a learning process, but they all built up my knowledge to provide recommendations on property upgrades and updates. I am always looking to uncover the hidden potential of houses.

My Approach

I believe buying or selling your home is the most exciting, fun and beneficial transaction in your life. During this transaction, my job is to make it as smooth as humanly possible and to ensure all or most of your important criteria are met. I will point out any bumps along the way while making sure it is still an enjoyable journey.

My Difference

Always Learning

I am a lifelong student and in my journey of becoming a life coach in the area of personal development and relationships, I learned the very first step in achieving or improving anything in a person’s life is to be as clear as possible on what you want. That is why effective communication is at the top of my list from the first day we meet. I truly believe life is not just about me, rather it’s about us and how I as an individual show up everyday to learn, grow, and contribute to the people arou

High Quality Service

This is what I want to offer to my clients – to provide them with high quality service and also to guide them through the emotional process of buying or selling their home. In summary, I only believe in one paradigm of human interaction and that is win/win. Win/Win is not a technique, it’s a total philosophy of human interaction. It’s a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.

My Listings

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Country Hills, Kitchener West

96 Hillside Dr (Basement)

  • Bed 2
  • Bath 1
  • Sqft 836
  • Offered at $1,900
MLS# 40352628
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Country Hills, Kitchener West

96 Hillside St (Upper)

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Sqft 952
  • Offered at $2,395
MLS# 40348732

My New Build Projects

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Downtown Kitchener

306-55 Duke St

  • Bed 1
  • Bath 1
  • Sqft 527
  • Offered at $379,900
MLS# 40366833

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Amjad Yousefi
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