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Approaching each client’s needs with devotion to detail and unmatched creative energy is what I do, and it’s a personal privilege every time I’m chosen to do it.

My arrival in the world of real estate came after 12 years as a Financial Advisor, and after the realization that a career in real estate wasn’t simply something I could do, but something that I was meant to do. My mom was successful in real estate and has since retired, but during those years of listening to her talk about her work, it never fully occurred to me exactly how good the opportunity in real estate was, and I believe it didn’t become clear until the time was right. Well, that time has come and gone, and my belief has been confirmed; this is what I was meant to do and I’m proud to do it at TrilliumWest.

Whether it’s on the selling or buying side, I’m involved in the largest financial transaction of my client’s life, and I embrace the challenge and the gravity of the responsibility I hold. Approaching each client’s needs with devotion to detail and unmatched creative energy is what I do, and it’s a personal privilege every time I’m chosen to do it.

My Approach

My goal is to erase every boundary that keeps real estate marketing confined to something mediocre or even good. There is nothing casual about selling a home. It’s your largest asset and the agent you select can not only deliver you the proper value for your home, but they can also influence it. Traditional, standard-issue marketing is on the verge of becoming obsolete and, because of that fact, my marketing focuses on modern techniques such as video and online marketing that will verifiably put your home in front of potential buyers and give you an advantage over competitive listings.

On the buying side, it’s a lot of fun for me to help match you with your next home and I’m able to move at any pace you prefer. Sometimes the right home is available right away and other times patience is the price we must pay, but regardless, together we will find it and have fun while we’re at it!

My Difference


I’m very accessible to my buyers and sellers. Buying and selling real estate can lead to calls or meetings at almost any time and it’s a part of my life that I embrace. I also make my cell phone number public. A lot of Realtors® don’t publish their cell number, so why do I do it? I publish it so that when a potential buyer has questions about your home, they can actually call me and get the answers. Things happen fast in real estate and accessibility is a must.

Marketing + Negotiation

A Realtor® does many things, but these are the two primary services you are paying for. The right marketing will produce the right buyer, and the negotiations with that buyer need to be handled carefully and with skill. Marketing and negotiation are forms of discipline, and when I started my real estate career I committed to becoming the best at both. World-class videography, photography, graphic design, home staging, and wed and social media promotion are the foundations of my marketing plan.


Plainly stated: I will not sit still until your home is sold for the highest achievable price. My energy and enthusiasm for this business is on a different level and I find it hard to switch it off. I have a lot of fun with my clients, whether buying or selling because even though this is a serious business, there’s always a way to have fun and find a reason to laugh!

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