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Wellington County has been home for a long time and I raised my family here.

Originally, we purchased a few acres and built our own home just south of Erin. Having lived on a rural property, I’m passionate about conservation and the environment we live in. Building a house and barn from the ground up also made me intensely interested in how our homes function and how they’re put together.

My aim is not to turn everyone into DIYer’s. It’s to provide value to my clients so they have enough knowledge to know what the air filter is and why it needs to be changed! That means I’m going to be the one checking behind the furnace, looking under the deck and seeking the expertise of a qualified specialist, so you know what you’re looking at and how to maintain what you own. It's been important for me to seek further knowledge and accreditations in renovation, organization, lifestyle transition, and property staging.

I’ve had my real estate license since 2004 and am so excited that my daughter Alexis now has hers and is starting her career with me at TrilliumWest. What she saw me doing over the years has had more of an influence than I thought! Previously, I worked for our family manufacturing business part-time while I was raising my family and volunteered in schools and community groups.

My Approach

Honesty and a practical but creative mindset are what you can expect from me. My own experiences in moving and downsizing is a resource that I feel will continue to help my clients with their own journeys. I’m not hesitant to lend a hand where it’s needed, the Honey-do list is a real thing!

Our homes are where we recharge and relax, plan, and prepare for daily living or larger goals. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and no matter where you are, where you live is a place that shelters your family. In all the trips I’ve taken around the world there really is no place like coming back home.

My Difference


I’ll listen. I have the expertise and knowledge to advise you however listening to what you’re looking for is key. It helps me bring real value to my clients. Whether I’m helping you move from your home and/or on to your next one it’s about putting your needs first.


Without calling it hard, moving is definitely not the easiest thing for any of us. Even if the reason for the move is exciting, the ins and outs of packing up and relocating every bit of our lives is stressful. I’ve been through that, multiple times, and can bring some real solutions and strategies to hopefully ease some of that stress for my clients.


I really love our communities and want my clients to know what a great variety of amenities are available to them. Whether it’s kayaking on the Grand River, going to a concert, dining out etc…this is a wonderful place to live and enjoy!

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