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After spending 10+ years as a carpenter and general contractor, I have lots of experience with houses.

From building energy-efficient homes to working on all types of renovation projects around Guelph, my portfolio is quite extensive. Because I spent the first 20 years of my life, as well as most of the last 10, living in Guelph (most of my 20s were spent travelling the continent, working as a chef and studying philosophy at Concordia University in Montreal), I know this city like I know my own hands. I’ve walked, biked, or driven down just about every street and laneway in this town. To say I love it would be true, but missing the point. It’s a big part of who I am. While I’ve lived and visited a number of great cities, meeting all sorts of interesting people, I always felt that nothing quite lived up to the city I grew up in. In the end, the lure to come back wasn’t nostalgia felt while visiting friends, but meeting a woman who is now the mother of my children and the love of my life.

My Approach

I’ve always enjoyed talking with people, catching an offered glimpse into their lives, learning about their goals and future plans, then sharing in kind. And, cliche or cheesy as it sounds, I’ve always really enjoyed helping people. That being the case, working with people to figure out their real estate goals and then help achieve them feels quite natural for me. Since the purchase and/or sale of a home is such a momentous occasion for most people, not to mention represents a substantial portion of their assets, I work hard to create an atmosphere in which my clients feel relaxed and confident about every interaction and every step they take towards achieving their aforementioned goals. My M.O. is simple: Maintain an open mind, work hard, and keep learning.

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What my clients say

Micky was an excellent guide through the whole process. He took the time to fully explain things to me and realy helped me to clarify what I wanted in a home.

Don R

We are so grateful to Micky for helping us navigate the current scary housing market. Because of him we are now in a beautiful house.

Nicole Hewat

All we can say is Micky is an honest person and made our journey less stressful and easy for us. A big bonus he is an expert in negotiations!! You will be in good hands if you choose him as your realtor!

Saranya N

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